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You want to know where your money's going, and that you're getting value for every $.

You set the budget and the timelines based on your cashflow and your objectives

How does it work?

There’s a well known saying that you can have any two of quality, delivery speed and price, but you can’t have all three. And it’s generally true! So that why we decided to think outside the box.

It all comes down to managing cash flow and priorities.

Once we have a clear picture of what needs to be done to get your business where you want it to be we look at your budget and you determine a realistic monthly spend that you feel comfortable with.

Then we select a project team who provide detailed plans, pricing, and a recommended implementation schedule for each of the core elements of your business improvement project.   Your monthly budget determines the implementation speed of the overall project.

Using this collaborative approach you avoid costly mistakes and realise the economies of an integrated approach where every member of your project team is working from the same plan.

What does it cost?

You set the budget based on your cashflow and business objectives…


What does it cost?

The initial Business Assessment is $495 and includes a  detailed written report and tailored advice to suit your business goals.

This is yours to keep whether or not you decide to continue with an Integrated Business Improvement Solution.

The overall cost of your Integrated Business Improvement Solution is based on the combined costing of all of the individual elements in the project spread out to fit within your agreed monthly budget.

The more you spend each month, the faster your business improvement plan will progress.

Most businesses looking to improve across all areas of the business will budget around $2500 per month over a period of 12 to 18 months to achieve their business objectives.

Your money goes directly to pay for the specialist services agreed in your original project plan less a monthly project coordination and management fee.

What's Included

In the Project Approval Stage you will be provided with detailed specifications for each element of the overall project…


What’s included?

Everything specified in each of the sub-project briefs

A Synergy48 Integrated Business Improvement Solution is designed to coordinate multiple project elements from multiple independent suppliers so that you get the best possible outcomes for your business.

In the Project Approval Stage you will be provided with specification briefs for each element of the overall project.  Each of these briefs will detail all of their inclusions and conditions.  Your project manager will review these with you to ensure that all of your questions are answered.

What's NOT included?

No hidden suprises… where items are not included these will be clearly specified in the individual project briefs…


What’s NOT included?

Anything which was not covered in the individual sub-project briefs such as:

Any ongoing external license fees which result from the implementation of the project. E.g CRM license fees.

Any ongoing operational services which arise from the implementation of the project.  E.g. ongoing bookkeeping services.

If you have ANY questions or concerns about what’s NOT covered your project manager and relevant project specialists will be happy to help.

Want to go faster?

One thing we won’t compromise on is quality and value for money… so if that’s NOT important to you then we’re not a fit.  However, there are other ways to speed up your implementation plan.

The best place to start is by improving your cashflow up front so you can increase your monthly budget. There are often significant financial gains that can be found from a few simple tweaks if you know where to look. 

Our experienced business assessment consultants are all great at finding cost savings and new profit opportunities. In some cases you may elect to start with a lower monthly spend and increase it when some of the opportunities for cost savings or increased profits have been realised. 

Where this is not an option it may also be possible to take on more of the implementation yourself under the guidance of your specialist advisors. This option is particularly relevant to start up businesses.

It all comes down to a balance between budget, timelines and how much you are willing to implement yourself.  You’re in the driver’s seat!

We’ve eliminated the risk

Each specialist is responsible for the delivery of their element of the project and is only paid once you are completely satisfied.

If you experience a significant challenge in your business which impacts your cashflow you can delay the overall project for up to three months without any changes to the overall cost as long as you continue to pay the monthly project management fee. And of course, you’ll have access to our team of financial and risk management specialists to help you sort it out.

If your requirements change then your project plan can be updated at any time to accommodate the changes. Where there is an adjustment to the overall cost of the project it’s your choice whether you adjust the monthly budget or the project timelines.

It’s a step by step process, you can stop at any stage and there will be no further charges. And if you don’t believe you got real value for any one step in the process we’ll happily refund any payments you have made for that step.

Want to know more: Fill out the form below and one of our friendly team will get back to you to answer any questions you have.

Then if you’re ready to get started, we’ll arrange a time that suits you to complete your business appraisal.

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The various elements of your business don’t happen in isolation. An integrated business improvement solution gives you access to a hand-picked team of Advisors and Specialists helping ensure the successful integration of your business improvement solutions across all aspects of your business, saving you time, money and resources and ensuring the best possible outcomes for your business.
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