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Key Take Aways:

A three step process to reduce the cost and maximise the effectiveness of your printed marketing material

  • Pick the right finishes and the right size to maximise effectiveness and reduce distribution costs; and  avoid wastage
  • Follow sound marketing principles – coordinate all of your online and offline marketing collateral to maximise brand awareness and align with campaign goals and timelines
  • Focus on the details – ensure print quality and finish match customer expectations for your brand.

I’m much the same as you, I like to save money however there is a bigger prize to be had that goes way beyond simply reducing prices.

Marketing performance, complex supply chains and ever evolving technologies are the three main issues that make it too hard for the untrained person to make sense of, let alone unlock hidden value.

But you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Intertype has developed a unique 3 step process that will turn your printing expenses into money making investments in no time:

  1. Generate
  • Correct engineering reduces total cost
    • Expensive finishing can add to cost without increasing performance
    • Improve performance by being congruent with your brand positioning
  • Properly configured we often halve distribution costs
    • Postage is expensive. Often a minor tweak will move your project into a lower cost postage category. We often see the savings in this alone can offset the entire cost of your printing.
  • Stop wasting money with redundant stock
    • Up to 14% of printing costs are accounted for by redundant stock. Printing on demandeliminates redundant stock altogether.
  1. Calibrate
  • Applying sound marketing principles will improve performance
    • You’ll be shocked at how often the most fundamental marketing principles are missing for most projects. Have them in place and positive ROI is a “walk in the park”
  • Offline and online brand alignment will take performance to another level
    • Your brand will sizzle in the market place only when ALL your materials are aligned behind your brand standards.
  • Collaborative artwork will save time and money
    • The nerdy side of creating finished artwork that works in the printing process is beyond most Graphic Designers. Get this right and you will reduce print production costs while underpinning high quality print results.
  1. Captivate
  • Quality printing will help you “Stand Out and Get Noticed”
    • The reality is that it doesn’t cost any more to create good quality printed campaigns as long as all the “ducks are in a row”
  • Finishing touches will add the extra WOW factor
    • The nice touches such as embossing, foiling, celloglazing, spot varnishing etc don’t have to cost the earth nowadays but the difference they can make is truly amazing…no wonder all the high-end brands use them.
  • Timely and cost effective distribution enhances your customer’s experience
    • Timing is everything. A good printing project needs to align with campaign timelines and your customers’ expectations otherwise you place great risk on your brand’s market perception.

This article first appeared in the Intertype Blog on 31 Oct 2018

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