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On Tuesday 12 February 2019 a group of 22 business owners met over dinner with an expert panel comprising a business finance specialist, a sales and marketing specialist, a leadership and culture specialist and an online systems specialist to discuss the foundations of successful business growth. The format for the dinner included a panel Q&A followed by a round table discussion where attendees had the opportunity to review business best practice checklists and to speak in depth with each of the panelists to identify how the items in the checklists related to their specific businesses. All attendees left the dinner with comprehensive best practice action plans designed to help strengthen their businesses in relation to the foundations of successful business growth.

Meet the panel

Ian Bosler: Intertype

Sales and Marketing Integration Specialist

Interesting facts from Ian’s perspective

  • 79% of businesses see that automation is the key to improving sales force productivity (Infusionsoft)
  • 91% of businesses don’t have a defined Marketing and Sales Process (Marketo)
  • 96% of businesses don’t have mechanisms in place to manage ROI across the entire Marketing and Sales Process (Hubspot)
  • 86% of businesses turning over $500k to $10mill don’t have a CRM (Infusionsoft)
  • 97% of businesses don’t have an automated process to ask for testimonials or referrals (Infusionsoft)
  • 100% of Australian graphic design graduates (post 2012) haven’t been taught how to design for printing and finishing processes (Printing Industry Association)
  • 96% of artwork files presented for printing contain brand compromising errors (Intertype)
  • 83% of businesses don’t have control of their brand assets (Frontify)
  • 78% of businesses don’t have a team of marketing and sales support professionals (Intertype)

What Ian’s clients say about him

“You’re amazing, thank you and thank you for your prompt action today. My day went from feeling a bit overwhelming to so positive because of you and your team”  Natasha, Optim

The Marketing and Sales Process is the most valuable, but often “undervalued” process within any business. Without it you can’t generate revenue. No revenue means no business.

Ian Bosler

CEO, Intertype

Martin Cattach: Finance for Business

Business Finance Specialist

Interesting facts from Martin’s perspective

How SMEs plan to fund growth

A shift away from primary bank relationships is taking place in the SME segment, despite SMEs historically being reluctant to shop around for improved credit terms.
East & Partners believe that as customer switching intentions ramp up, alternative lenders will continue to increase in prominence as a preferred funding source. Despite this trend, the SME sector currently shows an overwhelming dependence on personal funds or new equity when it comes to funding growth.
Business owner loan preference
Of the survey respondents planning to seek new credit, more than half (56.5%) would prefer a loan secured against non-personal assets, and a quarter (almost 23%) would prefer to borrow against receivables.
Scottish Pacific SME Growth Index
September 2018

What Martin’s clients say about him

Martin has been able to set up a finance facility that meets the needs of my growing business in labour hire, but more importantly he was there to help my staff to implement the system so we could move from one lender to another with no hassles. 
Traffic Management Company

The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing.
The most important thing is having the right finance structure to grow your business, this is crucial to the long-term growth and success.

Martin Cattach

CEO, Finance for Business

Raie Lyth: Web Ideas

Website Systems Specialist

Interesting facts from Raie’s perspective

  •  Innovation is the key to competitive advantage for your business; only 44% of businesses undertook ANY innovation in 2017 (business.gov.au; ABS)
  • Only 51% of Australian businesses who employ staff have a website (2017, ABS)
  • Online Ordering accounted for $394 Billion revenue for Australian businesses in 2017 (ABS)
  • 95% of businesses use the internet; 59% of businesses ORDER online AND ONLY 37% of businesses RECEIVE orders online (2017, ABS)
  • There is massive opportunity available to those willing to do things differently. So many aren’t willing to make a change – these are the businesses that find themselves superseded. Those who innovate and stay connected with their clients as technology changes PROSPER.

What Raie’s clients say 

Web Ideas has been a godsend. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are professional in everything they do. I am thrilled with my new website and the service I receive through this marvellous company!!

Jenny Pownall
The Tutoring Company

Change is inevitable, so embrace it! You won’t ever know the full picture – do your research and make your ‘best guess’ for direction, then take that first step. The next step then becomes clear.

Raie Lyth

CEO, Web Ideas

Lisa Wiking: Motivational Leadership

Leadership and Culture Specialist

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Interesting facts from Lisa’s perspective

People are the differentiating factor between like business’.
Happy Employees are more likely to care, contribute and therefore innovate, offering the business new ways to grow.
Sadly, unhappy employees outnumber happy employees 2 to 1 Globally. Happiness in the work place can boost productivity by up to 50%, so to sustainably grow your business, ensure you’re employees are happy.
Source: www.qualigence.com

What Lisa’s clients say 

We were recommended by a work colleague to use Lisa’s services when we were looking to run a Team building exercise for our very diverse group of staff.
With only 2 prior verbal briefings Lisa was able to prepare an amazing day’s program, and engage all staff in the process. We will certainly use Lisa’s services again – her professional approach and ability to involve all members of the team and more importantly achieve positive outcomes was amazing. All staff in their feedback indicated it was a great session, so thanks Lisa and we will talk again soon re a return date with our Operational team.

Rozanne Lawton
General Manager
Holmesglen Eildon

Research has shown that companies with both highly aligned cultures and highly aligned innovation strategies have 30% higher growth than companies with lower degrees of alignment.

Lisa Wiking

Founder, Motivational Leadership

Meet the host

Stewart Clark, Founder and Principal coach of SCS Performance

SCS performance is a specialist consultancy firm delivering a specially designed range of coaching programs to the small to medium business market - to drive bottom line return.

Stewart is an energetic and experienced business adviser with many years of experience coaching, advising and supporting small and medium sized businesses across Australia.

Leveraging a lengthy career in finance and corporate business, Stewart has worked "in" or "on" a range of businesses and industries Australia wide.

Possessing a people-oriented style and a keen eye for detail, Stewart is well versed in strategic planning, financial analysis, sales delivery and business improvement. Stewart is also a published author of “It’s not what you make, but what you keep” and is a regular speaker.

Unlike a traditional business coach, Stewart focuses on enhancing the mechanics of a business – its people, its process and its systems – to achieve long-term business success.

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