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Our Mission?

Bringing together teams of outstanding B2B businesses working collaboratively to help members and their clients build more profitable and sustainable businesses and make a difference in the world. 


Whether you are simply interested in attending a Synergy48 Group meeting as a one time visitor, or considering joining a group, there are four essential criteria you’ll need to meet:

  1. Your ideal clients are small and medium business owners.  (NOT micro-businesses and not large businesses/corporates)
  2. You are the principal business owner or a partner in your business
  3. You have been in business for at least 12 months, you have proven, quality products or services that add real value to SME businesses, and you have a solid base of happy clients.      
  4. You share our strong commitment to our four core values:
    1. Professional excellence and outstanding customer service
    2. Collaboration and Team work
    3. Integrity and truth
    4. Business for Good   

If you meet these four essential criteria it’s most likely our members would love to meet you, and you’d get real value from meeting them, whether or not you are interested in an ongoing membership.

In addition to our four essential attendance criteria above… If you’re wondering whether membership to a Synergy48 Group could be right for you or your business, there are a few other things that we’ve discovered over time will ensure that you are able to both give and receive maximum value from a Synergy48 group membership… 

Your business model and business goals

1. Your business provides consultancy or specialist advisory services rather than products or low/no touch services.   We’ve found that businesses with products or low/no touch services often benefit from a different strategic partner base over the long term.

2. You have the ability to schedule your own time to be able to attend regular monthly meetings. If you are dependent on one or two large contracts which require you to work on-site at a client’s premises for a significant amount of time each week then you are most likely not a fit for a Synergy48 Group membership. 

 3. You are in growth phase and you are interested in building a scalable, saleable business not simply owning your own job. If you have no plans to grow your business or expand your business model past your personal capacity to service a limited number of clients then you may not be a fit over the long term.

Things that are important to you personally:

    • Being part of a peer to peer mentoring and business advisory group made up of high quality experienced business advisors
    • Being part of a supportive community of like-minded business owners who share similar core values
    • Being part of a community where every member is committed to making a difference
    • Being part of a collective brand recognised for its commitment to professional excellence and outstanding customer service.
    • The security of knowing that every member of the S48 community shares the same high standards of professional excellence and customer service as you do.

Things that would add value to your business and your clients:

    • The opportunity to grow your business and get new quality clients through referrals and other strategic partnership opportunities.
    • The ability to connect your clients with a network of trusted, quality tested specialists and advisors
    • The ability to keep your clients informed about key issues across all areas of business through the S48 monthly industry updates
    • Your own real-time customer feedback software system to enhance business growth and online reviews
    • Access to a Business Benchmarking system to measure all aspects of your business against best practice and develop your own customised business improvement plan.

What Synergy48 Group members say

The collective of specialists that Brenda and Colin have essentially curated and vetted over many years are of a superb quality

Ian Hopkinson

Founder and Head of Results, Mad Scientist Digital

A group of loyal and supportive business owners who have each other’s back. It’s more than a business networking group – it’s a community that exists for the benefit of all members.
Peter Engelhardt

Founder and CEO, Plan2Brand

Great bunch of people who all share the same values of wanting to genuinely help other people in business and achieve win-win outcomes. 
Its been very beneficial to me, its great to have a network of high quality people to turn to for help in my business or in my clients business. 
Damien Battersby

CEO, Proactive IT Solutions

It’s a high end team of exceptional people

Frances Pratt

CEO and Sales Success Architect, Metisan

An amazing group. And the value sits with how great the people are in the room. It is a great group to grow your network with high value individuals but also gain amazing new clients via excellent referrals.
Tony Sambell

Founder and CEO, Spicy Web

How to join us…

Attendance at Synergy48 Group Advisor Meetings is limited to experienced business consultants, specialists and advisors whose ideal clients are SME businesses.

What's SME?  We describe them as being large enough to be able to afford to pay you but not so big that they've in-housed what you do.

If that rings a bell and you'd like to connect with other like-minded business advisors and specialists with a view to creating WIN WIN strategic alliances and partnerships and adding real value to your clients then we'd love to meet you.

Attendance at your first meeting is free and there is NO obligation to join.

The first step is to click on the link below and SAY HELLO

Say Hello

Attendance at meetings is by invitation only. We want to ensure that you will get value from meeting us, and members will get value from meeting you. Book a 15 minute chat with an S48 facilitator to say hello and ensure that there's a fit.


Your first S48 Group meeting is on us! There is no charge, and no obligation. Our primary objective is to ensure that both you and our members enjoy and receive real value from your visit.  


Following your visit you'll have the opportunity to reflect on whether you think  Synergy48 membership could be right for you and your business. We're not right for everyone. Around 1 in 3 visitors go on to apply for membership, 95% say they got real value from their visit.


If you liked what you've seen so far... the next step is a 3 month provisional membership experience. So you can get to know us and we can get to know you. 


At the end of that time, if you've participated fully and met our quality control criteria, it's most likely that you'll be invited to join a group. All memberships are approved by members based on professional standards and shared values.

Ask a question

Got a specific question about Synergy48 Group?

Get in touch by phone or fill out the form and one of our advisors or specialists will get back to you.

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