Best Practice Business Advisor Tina Manolitsas: Strategic Marketing Specialist

Future Focus Marketing’s services are of the highest standard in the field. The emphasis on delivering strategic value, sets Future Focus Marketing apart from its peers. Working with Tina Manolitsas and the team has been a highly professional experience. I recommend Future Focus Marketing’s services without reservation.

Areas of Expertise

Tina Manolitsas: Future Focus Marketing Group

Strategic Marketing Specialist

Tina is a Marketing Strategist  working with organisations to commercialise their marketing strategies and integrate them across the business .

For over 20 years Tina has advised Business leaders and Marketing professionals on how to maximise the return of their marketing budget , know their marketing ROI to make smarter business decisions. Tina has worked across multiple industry sectors and industry types; corporate, agency, not-for-profit, government and consultancy environments, producing award-winning results for local and global organisations.

Tina is a professional Mentor and Confidant to company CEOs, Business leaders, Marketing professionals and a strategic marketing consultant to Agencies and government. She forms a critical bridge between business leaders, and customers to communicate complex topics with radical clarity.

Tina is an academic teaching marketing and business in leading Australian and overseas universities and lectures in digital marketing. She is a published author and advisor to various not-for-profit organisations and mentor to small business owners.

Tina is a Board Member of the Eastern Innovation Business Centre (EIBC) and Women In Supply Chain (WISC). She strategic marketing advisor to Her Heart Charity and a Judge for NSW Tourism Awards and Manningham Business Excellence Awards.

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What clients are saying

I would love it if you could provide us with the soft copies of the various paper based materials you shared with us. I would use it to refer to my homework and make continuing changes. Thanks

Very thorough and helpful.

Really great framework and very good teaching methods! Tina is highly recommended as a business coach.

Tina is seriously the best mentor. I am always asked some hard questions but always leave our conversations feeling empowered and inspired, with a mile long to-do list! Thank you so much Tina, your support of my small business has been invaluable.

X Julia Handford.

Tina was fantastic, very helpful and knowledgeable and provided constructive advice. Very happy to recommend Tina

Cheers David

Tina is amazing! She has helped me to think clearly and develop a systematic way forward to progress my business. Tina is enthusiastic and approachable, and has a great ability to bring together business strategy, planning, marketing and communications. Thanks Tina!

Tina is an amazing mentor. Thanks for the clarity to to pursue my future gaols.


Tina Manolitsas has been invaluable. Her clarity of vision for those she works with is as inspiring as it is factual and precise. If you're ready to really see what can be achieved in your endeavours, then Tina is the person to make you fly along.

Thanks Tina! John

I have had the pleasure of working with Tina in a variety of circumstance over the past five years. I have always found Tina to be totally customer oriented and full engaged with any given situation. Tina’s great asset is her ability to provide valued input to all situations at any level. That is, Tina is both very comfortable assisting the development of a new business OR providing counsel to a CEO regarding digital marketing the inception of a new long-term strategy.

Allen F

Tina's work is exceptional. She is a smart strategic thinker who delivers clear plans and outcomes. In the projects that I have used her agency for, she has helped me think outside the box, enabling me to achieve better than expected results.


MSIQ’s services are of the highest standard in the field. The emphasis on delivering strategic value, sets MSIQ apart from its peers. Working with Tina Manolitsas and the team has been a highly professional experience. I recommend MSIQ’s services without reservation.

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