Best Practice Business Advisor Stewart Clark: Business consultant, business assessor and business planning specialist

We knew that we had a good practice, but it was more controlling us rather than the other way around. Stewart came in and read our business like a book – showing us a number of areas for improvement – both for financial and personal (time) gain. With a detailed plan of what to concentrate on, we have been able to ascertain a clear, precise path to positive change in our business’ growth

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Stewart Clark SCS Performance

Business Consultant, Assessor and Planning Specialist

Over the past 25+ years, Stewart Clark has worked with many business owners across a broad section of industries, in both small and large businesses. This work has included extensive business reviews from a financing/operational perspective, through strategy, succession, marketing, risk and more general business disciplines.

Experience has shown that it’s not what you make that counts, it’s how much you keep which really matters. Many businesses are not clear on these points, in that they are not in control of how much they are generating (revenue/marketing/sales), nor are they clear on what they actually keep (gross/net margins). Strong business disciplines address both of these areas.

Services provided to business include strategic planning, profit enhancement, succession planning and business structuring, marketing and sales performance, risk assessment and advisory.

There are a lot of consultants/coaches who talk the talk and help you plan your journey, but very few will develop the strategy, work with you through the trials of implementing change, and then still be around to see you celebrate your wins and achievements.

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What clients say

We would be lost without you Stewart. You have taught us so much over the years.

Thanks to Stuart I've been able to keep on track with business goals and keep motivated to push through difficult personal times. He's much more than just a business coach 🙂 Frank.

Stewart and SCS have been excellent at setting up a template and making sure that the deliverables are achieved as set out. The clarity in communication and setting realisable expectations is much appreciated.

08:53 Stewart is a wonderful support and as a business coach this is pivotal. His intelligence and professionalism is of the highest calibre and I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about engaging a savvy and effective business coach

Excellent service for small business performance coaching. Trusted and honest. Brutally honest feedback.

My number one top tip for any business is to get the best advice and Stewart is always my first choice.

Excellent working with Stewart from SCS Performance. Our business bottom line improved by 23% in the first 6 months, and is continuing to steadily improve. Thanks Stewart. Raie Lyth WEB IDEAS

Stewarts service has turned my business around.

There are business coaches and then there is Stewart Clark -consistently exceeding expectations, challenging and supporting growth for results. Love your work. Di and Luke @ Fix-I.T.

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