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Robin Snelling

Financial Management Specialist

Robin Snelling is a Virtual Chief Financial Officer or CFO, with 40 years of corporate and small business experience. He’s passionate about creating reports which reveal the guts of the business –  which sections are inefficient, what product groups are most profitable, what sales channels are performing, which customer markets give the best return.

Robin is a founding member of the Association of Virtual CFOs, which has the goal of promoting the benefits of this relatively new industry to SMBs.

Robin is currently working on the development of Informer 4 SMB software, a unique cloud solution which provides automated financial analysis of profitability and cash requirements for SMBs. This software will make management reporting far more accessible to SMBs

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Find out what a CEEFO can do for your business

Having a CFO is not the same as having an accountant, nor does the CFO replace the accountant. CFOs and accountants work together, along with other advisers. The CFO has a different perspective and more closely-focused responsibilities as an internal member of the management team.

Because CFOs must be supremely qualified and experienced, they’re costly to employ. Larger companies have a CFO working at the right-hand of the CEO, with other C-level executives.

A small business usually needs a ‘real’ CFO long before it can really afford to hire one.

And yet, how sustainably a smaller-sized business can grow and scale-up, and how much more value is built within the business for owners who want to exit, can largely depend on having a skillful CFO

What clients are saying

“With ‘my’ ceefo (Robin Snelling CA), I’ve got a solid and switched-on CFO virtually at my side, de-stressing my running of the business just like any large enterprise with its CEO having a CFO, C-etc. I can grow myself into being the CEO of a significant business entity without getting bogged-down in high-end administration and compliance or granular financial analysis.”
Melanie Williamson,

Backyard Pods Australia

Robin Snelling in the Blog

Half of Australian businesses will close down within their first 5 years of operation, and more than 90% will have ceased operating within 10 years.

ABS and Small Business Association Data

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