Best Practice Business Advisor Martin Cattach

Business Working Capital Specialist

Working with Martin we were able to increase our available working capital and grow the business. We could confidently start our expansion and it is now 18 months later and it is working effectively for us. 

Commercial Plumbers

Martin Cattach: Finance for Business

Business Working Capital Specialist

Martin has had a rewarding Corporate career working in the key growth markets of Financial Services, Investment Banking, Information Technology and Market Research.

In all of these markets the focus was working with Small and Medium Business.

In the early 1990s Martin developed innovative and tax effective finance packages for capital equipment that minimised effects on cash flow and accelerated tax deductions.

Later, whilst working in the Market Research field, he developed a Small Business Market Research Panel that was used to obtain valuable insight into the challenges faced by small business; and a detailed understanding of the problems they face. This insight led him to return to his passion of financial services to small business.

For the past 8 years, Martin has worked exclusively in the small business finance area, using the methodology of Better Business Banking, first as a partner at Business Finance Group for 4 years; and now in his specialist small business company Finance For Business. Working primarily with Small to Medium Business to provide more flexible and lower cost methods to fund business growth.

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