Best Practice Business Advisor: Jennie Grigg

Strategic HR Specialist

“Blink Connect provide the most up to date realistic advice and support in all aspects of Human Resource Management.”
Gabriel Digenis, Director of CPAP Victoria

Jennie Grigg: Blink Connect

Strategic HR Specialist

Jennie Grigg is a qualified and Certified HR Practitioner (CAHRI) and Director of Blink Connect.

Jennie has wide-ranging commercial, consulting and HR generalist experience and has spent the last 15 years focused on strategic HR across a variety of industries. Her background includes influential involvement and teamwork in small to medium size businesses in addition to startups and large corporates (both privately owned and listed) where she’s employed her skill and ability to shape HR/people strategies into operational and business successes.

People can be the best or worst asset in any business or team. Blink Connect provide flexible services across the full employee lifecycle to help businesses attract, develop and retain the best people. Blink Connect offers practical Human Resource (HR) services and solutions including but not limited to:

  • Managing end-to-end recruitment, induction and on-boarding or coaching, tools and templates to help you run your own best-practice process
  • Provision of an employee handbook detailing your organisation’s policies and processes
  • Guidance on employment legislation and how to handle challenging situations in the workplace
  • Performance review process, job descriptions and KPIs
  • Ending employment – practical, compliant and swift process to minimize your risks of receiving an unfair dismissal claim.

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