Best Practice Business Advisor Ian Bosler Printing, Marketing & Sales Process Automation Specialist

I use and like Intertype because I get fast, reliable Services – Communication is clear and Service Delivery always on time – Simply Excellent!

Ian Bosler: Intertype and 7 Figure Coach

Printing, Marketing and Sales Process Automation Specialist

With over 30 years Corporate Marketing and Sales experience mainly gained in the Printing and Graphic industries, Ian Bosler is now applying his extensive international Marketing and Sales experience to help Coaches and Consultants to build “7 Figure” businesses that are highly profitable and that become a saleable asset.

Ian’s focus is to help Coaches to design, build and deploy highly automated Marketing and Sales Processes that work in the online and offline world that is today’s reality. Ian has used the same automation tools in his printing business, Intertype, to buck the decline in the printing industry with over 13 years of unbroken organic growth. He understands that the technology required to build and operate a modern, automated marketing and sales process is an issue most business owners struggle with. His unique “done with you” approach cuts through the “tech haze” and “snake oil selling” to deliver clients a tangible return on their investment within 90 days.

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What clients are saying

Intertype did a great job and looked after me at every step of the way. I am very pleased with both the professionalism and the quality of work, nothing was to much trouble.

Thanks for your assistance. Jim

I use and like Intertye because I get fast, reliable Services - Communication is clear and Service Delivery always on time - Simply Excellent!

I just want to thank you and the wonderful Intertype team for your efficiency – wonderful as always! The ring binders and tab dividers have arrived and I am very happy with them. I’m sorry again for my silly mistake and thank you for helping me correct it.

Sept 2018

Just wanting to let you know that the Delegate Cards and Certificates have arrived. Intertype, you've done it again, they look pretty darn good.

August 2018

Amazing, thank you and thank you for your prompt action today. My day went from feeling a bit overwhelming to so positive because of you and your team...


The business cards arrived yesterday and look fantastic. Love the weight and waxy feel of the card. Thanks for the great work and speedy delivery!..


We received the folders yesterday & the look fantastic. We are very happy with the quality & vibrancy of the print. You guys have done a fabulous job!


A big thank you to you and your wonderful team from myself, Brad and Angie for the quick, but brilliant service you always provide us. The folders and tabs have arrived safely and all look fantastic! So thank you for all your hard work...Marija

Ian Bosler in the Blog

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The Four Pillars of Successful Business Growth – meet the panel

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Want to reduce your printing expenses?

Want to reduce your printing expenses?

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