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Best Practice Business Advisor Heidi Froelich: Bookkeeping and Financial Management Specialist

These ladies communicate clearly and promptly and provide an excellent service. Would highly recommend their service.” Sue White

Heidi Froelich: H Froelich Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and Financial Management Specialist

Leveraging a long career in business administration, with experience in accounting, system support, project implementation, PA / Secretarial and QA roles H Froelich Bookkeeping was formed in 2006 to provide quality bookkeeping and administrative support to the small business sector.

We now provide the following services:  Bookkeeping & BAS compilation;  Accounts receivable / payable management; Payroll; Accounting software training;  Consulting support

We stand apart from our competition through our absolute focus on completeness and reliability, thoroughness and being particularly stringent about keeping our clients tax law compliant. Using our time tested operational systems, we deliver with efficiency and provide a high level of meaningful information to our clients.

Areas of Expertise

What clients are saying

the service i receive is professional, prompt, accurate, reasonably priced, confidential, helpful and supportive. i could not run my business without Heidi

Heidi is experienced and a source of wisdom and knowledge. An expert in her field and I would totally entrust my business runnings with her.

Heidi is fantastic at what she does with our books. Very organised, proactive and knowledgeable. Great work, Heidi:)

We would be lost without Heidi. Absolutely great with in depth knowledge which makes my job so much easier. Kevin

Heidi is absolutely tremendous. A great help and is always at the end of a phone if advice is required.

Highly professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Heidi for all tour bookkeeping and accounting needs.

Heidi is tremendous. Always available and sorts out all sorts of issues and requests that she receives from us. Very highly recommended

Very responsive and helpful at all times. Thanks Heidi!

Heidi provides a high quality bookkeeping service.

Heidi is very hands on . Available at short notice and always helpful.

Received through the Synergy48 independent review process
Dec 2018

Heidi is simply fantastic - as a bookkeeper she is thorough, highly organised and efficient - I feel just so relieved now I have her onboard!!

Received through the Synergy48 independent review process
Dec 2018

Efficient, prompt, professional, trustworthy, excellent communication, knowledgeable (Belinda)

Received through the Synergy48 independent review process
Dec 2018

Heidi is way more than just a standard bookkeeper because she always goes the extra mile for the service she delivers to us.

Received through the Synergy48 independent review process
Dec 2018

Don't know what I would do without Heidi's excellent service. She goes beyond the call of duty. Excellent Heidi and thank you very much.

Received through the Synergy48 independent review process
Nov 2018

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