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Best Practice Business Advisor Greg Clarkson: IT integration specialist


Have been using Network Overdrive for over 10 years. They have never let me down yet. Great customer service and support.  Julie Limbach. A.S.K.

Greg Clarkson: Network Overdrive

IT Support and Integration Specialist

My mission is to show CEOs and business owners how to make money from technology, rather than accepting IT as simply a cost to their business. I’m co-author of ‘5 Ways to Profit from Technology’, and creator of the ‘Profit Stacks’ framework.

I have been at the forefront of managing disruptive technology since the early days of the internet, and more recently I have launched the Profit Stacks framework that aligns your IT with your business strategy. This helps businesses assess the risks and opportunities in their business, where the gaps are, and whether your IT is set up to deliver on your vision. It is an aid to decision making and directing your focus and resources into the areas that will make the most difference, quickly.

I continue to help businesses adapt and stay ahead of changing market and customer expectations with my ground-breaking approach that translates into real business outcomes and a new level of profitability for them.”

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