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All questions and concerns are answered quickly, Raj is a life saver

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Financial Management

Dheeraj Sachdev: Firstclass Accounts Parkdale

Bookkeeper and Financial Management Specialist

Dheeraj has a strong financial & management accounting background.  Having worked for several years in medium and large corporates, he has the knowledge and experience of financial and management accounting that can be used by small and medium businesses to improve their profits.

In addition to Bookkeeping, Payroll, GST/BAS and Software Training Dheeraj specialises in the value added services of product costing, analysis, cost management and building efficiencies through improved processes.

Dheeraj values long term relationships based on Trust, Reliability, Flexibility and Quality.

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Raj needs a pay rise

All questions and concerns are answered quickly, Raj is a life saver

"Dived in and saved us amidst a very challenging time at Mad Scientist. Loving your work Raj!"

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