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A Google marketing expert, a web development specialist, a customer experience specialist, and a process admin specialist share their knowledge, experience and insights on the critical factors that will help you simplify and systemise for a sustainable business moving forward.

Get your four best practice checklists covering:
• How to avoid chasing bright shiny objects and get real results from the power of technology and systems.
• How to ensure that you are keeping your customers’ experience top of mind.
• How to use your website to make your life easier AND improve your customers’ experience
• How to take advantage of “Google Power”.
• And more

This month’s action plan

Your best practice checklist for simplifying and systemising your business into 2020 and beyond

For each item on the checklist mark it as: completed, not applicable for your business, or high/medium/low priority for action.

From a Google Marketing perspective (Tony Sambell, Spicy Web)
  • I have turned on Google Ads Automated “smart” bidding options – eg. Maximise Conversions
  • I have linked my Google Ads and Google Search Console to my Google Analytics Account.
  • If I use multiple online systems, I have linked them, even using Zapier if needed.
  • I take time to reflect on repetitive tasks/actions my team or myself perform and build a way to automate them.
  • If I run Paid Ads I am tracking the revenue generated by them by linking my CRM to my Ads data.
  • I have setup Responsive Search Ads in all my campaigns.
From a Customer Experience perspective (Frances Pratt, Metisan)
  •  I deeply understand the value I provide my customers
  •  I can simply explain why people buy from me (ie their value proposition)
  •  I know the systems that exist around serving my customers (and have them documented)
  •  I have a system for reconnecting with my customers over time to check to see that I am delivering on this value proposition
  •  My team understand the value proposition and their part in the delivery of this
  •  I have a system for communicating how we are going on delivering on our value proposition with my team
From a website systems perspective (Raie Lyth, Web Ideas)
  • I have mapped out the stages of my customer’s experience with my business
  •  I have systems in place to collect useful data about my customers
  •  I spend time considering my customer’s specific needs, how I can meet them and how I can add extra, personalised value
  •  I have researched industry trends, including what my competitors are doing and where new technology is developing
  •  I have brainstormed disruption possibilities for my Industry and discussed possibilities with experts in business and technology
  •  I have identified possible directions for my business over the next 12 months, incorporating technology trends to advantage
From a business systems and quality assurance perspective (Heidi Froelich, H. Froelich Bookkeeping)
  • We have documented policies that provide guidance about how our business is run.
  • We have documented processes that provide simple steps to complete the various functions within out business.
  • We have a strategy that allows review of our systems to enable implementation of innovation.
  • We have a process for developing specifications of our requirements when looking for innovation.
  • We have a process for implementation of innovation with clear methods to determine who will drive the project and when it should be fully functional.

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