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Robots are coming! Innovate or perish! You’ve seen the headlines but what’s a business owner to do?
How about creating an environment for your business that is sustainable, healthy and productive?
Think about Peter. He runs a business that has been operating for 10 years. Technology has moved on and there are things he could be doing differently. He knows this but he’s not sure exactly which way to go. How does he introduce change? What would he introduce? Will the change be good for his business? How does he know if the end product will satisfy his clients?
Our panelists discuss automation, artificial intelligence, processes with quality assurance, customer experience and more.

Meet the panel

Raie Lyth: Web Ideas

Website Systems Specialist

Interesting facts from Raie’s perspective

• Future uncertainty is a given. Prepare your staff to think strategically using data-driven signals, trends and outcomes.
• There needs to be a balance between technology and humanity. People need to connect, so focus on connections, not predictions.
• Real trends are:
o Driven by basic human needs
o Timely and persist over time
o Evolve as they emerge
• Technology trends have dependencies and multiple points of convergence – they often bubble up in completely different areas and then come together in a new industry. Make sure you look at what is happening around you and not just in your own industry.
• Strong technology trends today include the rise of
o Voice Search in Google
o Machine Reading Comprehension (MRC)
o Voice Prints for Passwords
o Facial Recognition
o Machine Learning (ML) such as ‘Smile to Pay’ on Ali Baba
o Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
• Security of Data and Privacy concerns are real

What Raie’s clients say 

We cannot thank Web Ideas enough for all of their awesome work. The whole team have been great to work with and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We have nothing but praise for how easy and seamless the Web Ideas team have made the process. Their customer focus, open communication and willingness to answer our endless questions make them in our view a cut above the rest. Thanks Web Ideas – we can’t wait to work with you again soon.

Karen Gately
Corporate Dojo

The Paradox of Data: In an era of increasing data collection and automation we are now in a position to deliver increasingly highly personalised experiences for our clients. Analysing the data and setting up relevant automation allows us to truly connect. Go figure!

Raie Lyth

Co- Founder, Web Ideas

Heidi Froelich: H Froelich Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and Financial Management Specialist

A Case Study from Heidi

A client wanted to implement a new software to help run projects but ultimately help review the profitability of each project. There was no real specification about what the new software was to do and no planned implementation of the segments so the end goal could be reached. Set up was done in fits and starts because the person responsible had so little time and they didn’t utilise some resources they had, so 18 months down the track they still are not able to measure profitability. They are slowly getting there but it’s a lot messier than it needed to be and the ROI at this point is minimal.

What Heidi’s clients say 

Heidi is simply fantastic – as a bookkeeper she is thorough, highly organised and efficient – I feel just so relieved now I have her onboard!!

Business thrives when it functions on sound administration principles and documented policies and procedures. These things provide a base from which everyone in the organisation is able to work effectively and efficiently.

Heidi Froelich

Founder, H Froelich Bookkeeping

Frances Pratt: Metisan

Sales Success Architect

A Case Study from Frances

Netflix has been a great success by getting customers to watch more with curated content. To date it has done this by algorithms. But now it is planning on ditching algorithms for humans. Netflix is testing a feature called “Collections,” which are put together by real, living, breathing humans — not an algorithm. Putting humans at the helm of recommending content seems like a good idea. It could improve your Netflix watching experience.
Betsy Mikel (INC Magazine)  Read the full article here

What Fran’s clients say 

Fran shines a light on your Sales Process, adding in components to bring consistency. She helps define sales metrics ensuring you are set up for success. It’s great to have clearly defined metrics and accountability for results.
Raie Lyth, Web Ideas

“More Sales – Less Marketing” is my favourite mantra. For a sustainable business this means using the client lens to find the simplicity and building your systems to continuously improve client delivery.

Frances Pratt

Founder, Metisan

Tony Sambell: Spicy Web

Google Adwords and Web Development Specialist

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Interesting facts from Tony’s perspective

Using Googles AI, Researchers trained models on retinal images from 284,335 patients and validated on two independent datasets of 12,026 and 999 patients. The trained model identified patients’ ages with 3.26 years, distinguished gender 97 percent of the time, spotted a smoker 71 percent of the time, and calculated blood pressure with a 11.23 mmHg margin of error.

What Tony’s clients say 

Working closely with Spicy Web, I know first hand that their dedication to continuously improving and developing automation within our campaigns has played a tremendous part in Mobile Tyre Shop’s accelerated growth of over 1000%.
Jamie Cartwright, General Manager – Sales & Marketing

We are living in the time where you have tools and software that people could have only dreamed of 10 years ago. Are you moving onto them quickly or waiting to be left behind. Evolve or Die.

Tony Sambell

Founder, Spicy Web

Meet the host

About the Author

Brenda Thomson

Brenda Thomson

CEO and Founder of Synergy48 Group

Brenda is an experienced small business owner.  She has won an Australian Home Based Business of the Year Award, the My Business Magazine Best Start-up award and has also appeared in the Anthill Magazine top 100 Cool Companies and top 100 Innovative Businesses list.  Brenda has an honours degree in organizational psychology and a Graduate Certificate in training and development and is an experienced trainer, facilitator and counsellor.

Brenda is a firm believer in mutual collaboration combined with a practical, hands on tools, strategies and systems as the most effective way to achieve real results in business. 

Brenda is a sought after mentor, speaker and trainer in the areas of strategic alliances and joint ventures and networking with a twist.  She is also passionate about actively giving back to the wider community. In addition to donating her speaking fees and a proportion of every SMART-Connect Alliance membership to provide microfinance to help women in Malawi to start their own small businesses, Brenda has also climbed the Himalayas to raise money for Kids Help Line and helped lay a pipeline to supply water to a remote village in Tanzania.

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