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At every Synergy48 Group meeting members share useful information from their industry that may be of value to other members’ clients. Sometimes it’s just a quick tip like this one.

QUICK TIP: NBN coming to your area? You may only have 3 months to move your internet and phone to an NBN style connection.

Once the NBN is officially available in your area, you have 18 months to move your internet and phone service over to an NBN style connection. The exception to this rule is if you are on the Optus cable network where Optus has the right to shut the operation of their network down within 3 months of the NBN coming online. The reason for this is back when NBNco bought both the Telstra and Optus cable networks, NBNco found that Optus’ cable network wasn’t fit for purpose so decided to scrap it and only use Telstra’s. As such once the NBN is available Optus will look to shut down their cable network as soon as possible to reduce costs.

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