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At every Synergy48 Group meeting members share useful information from their industry that may be of value to other members’ clients. Sometimes it’s just a quick tip like this one.

QUICK TIP: Move your phone to an internet based system before you get caught short by the NBN roll out.

If you are still using ISDN phone lines and haven’t yet made plans to migrate to a NBN based phone system (ie one that makes phone calls over the internet), you will need to look at this by the middle of the year. The ISDN network is being dismantled this year with disconnections to begin from September. Even if NBN is not yet available in your area, you will still need to move to a phone system that can run over the internet. If you are in this position, it is possible to move to an internet based system before NBN comes in and it should end up saving you money as well.

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