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The Synergy48  Group Knowledge Sharing Dinner Series

The Background and Inspiration Behind the Knowledge Sharing Dinner Series

Information is Noise – Knowledge is Power

A 2016 survey of 300 business leaders from 16 countries conducted by CIMA and AICPA found that senior leaders are struggling to make the right decisions, with 72% of organizations admitting to at least one strategic initiative failing in the last three years as a result of flaws in their decision making processes.

A top cause of poor decision making identified in the study is information overload, with 36% saying their organization is not coping with information overload, and that it is making life harder for those charged with decision making because they are unable to extract relevant information and turn it into insight.

The dilemma is clear: on the one hand, business leaders receive too much information, while on the other hand, they don’t get enough knowledge and insights to make sound decisions and develop new capacities for action.

Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline distinguishes information sharing (giving and receiving data, facts and opinions) from knowledge sharing, with knowledge sharing occurring when people are genuinely interested in helping one another improve decision making and develop new capacities for action.

This idea of “Knowledge Sharing” working collectively to help our clients improve decision making and take action to develop stronger business practices across all areas of their business inspired the creation of the Synergy48 Knowledge Sharing Dinner Series.


How the Knowledge Sharing Dinner Series works…

1. Four Guiding Principles

Every dinner in the series is based around Four Guiding Principles:

  1. Singular Focus: Every dinner focuses on exploring a specific business issue which SMEs have consistently identified as a significant concern.
  2. Multiple perspectives: Each dinner panel is made up of four specialists from four different industries/professions to provide multiple perspectives on the issue.
  3. Relevance and Significance: Your guests have the opportunity to explore the issue in depth with each of the experts to determine how it applies to their business.
  4. Capacity for Action: Your guests leave with a clear and prioritised action plan developed for THEIR business – NOT a generic “To Do” list.

2. A Proven Formula

In addition to our four guiding principles every dinner is based around our proven formula so you can have complete confidence in inviting your clients to attend as guests. 

  • Attendance is by invitation only and is only open to Synergy48 Group members and their clients.
  • The full dinner series for each year is planned at a meeting of all advisors in the region each December based on the identified needs and interests of their clients.
  • Each dinner is allocated to a panel made up of four specialist advisors from different industries/professions who bring differing perspectives to the topic for the evening.
  • Typically panelists are selected from the advisors in the region, although where appropriate a guest panelist may be included.
  • Every dinner program consists of two elements: a facilitated panel Q & A and a series of small group discussions with individual panelists.
  • The panel Q&A is hosted by the facilitator for the region to ensure an optimum experience for all guests.
  • All dinners are held at quality venues and include a two course meal. 
  • To ensure an optimal experience each dinner is capped at 32 attendees.
  • All guests are provided with a workbook for the evening including a customisable action checklist.
  • A carefully planned follow up process ensures that your guests are only contacted after the dinner when they have expressly requested it and you are closely involved in the follow up process to ensure outstanding value for your clients. 

What S48 members and their clients say about the Knowledge Sharing Dinner Series

Able to discuss in depth relevant issues for my business with no obligation

Heidi Froelich, HF Bookkeeping,

14 August 2018

Educational and enjoyable evening. Valuable Information

Carl Huybers, Mad Scientist Digital.

14 August 2018

Lots of interesting and stimulating discussion with fellow business owners.

Peter Burgess, Olivitek Software Pty Ltd

14 August 2018

Come along! You will be surprised how much you could do better.

Dheeraj Sachdev, First Class Accounts Parkdale

14 August 2018

Come along! You will be surprised how much you could do better.

Dheeraj Sachdev, First Class Accounts Parkdale

14 August 2018

Really interesting. Great format - listen to the panel and then have the opportunity to ask questions in small informal groups.

Raie Lyth, Web Ideas

14 August 2018

Thought provoking, great knowledge transfer, clear list of action items

Ian Bosler, Intertype

14 August 2018

Lots of valuable, practical information which is unlikely to come out of a normal business presentation.

Robin Snelling, BCP Growth.

14 August 2018

Brilliant, entertaining, valuable. A great investment of time and money.

Lisa Wiking, Motivational Leadership

14 August 2018

Recommended as an informative and worthwhile knowledge sharing experience.

Mary Anne Waldron, MAW Action

14 August 2018

Very professional speakers, well organised evening. Information extremely relevant to my business!

Jeanine Purdie, Business Credit Solutions

14 August 2018

Well worth attending. Lots of good information

Andrew Poulter,  IRT Advisory

14 August 2018

It's like Q&A for the intelligent business owner. A must!

Peter Engelhardt, Plan2Brand

14 August 2018

Four experts, one deep dive into the topic and literally dozens of gold take aways - awesome

Peter Engelhardt
11 Sep 2018

Highly recommend to attend these dinners - but only if you take me with you!

Jenny Pownall
The Tutoring Company
11 Sep 2018

Wealth of knowledge and information to delve into

Frank Amato
Frank Amato Photography
11 Sep 2018

The information you'll receive will be invaluable to your business. There's more value delivered throughout the evening than you'll receive at any other networking event

Dave Dickson

11 Sep 2018

Very informative. I thought the night was a very well structured event.

Duncan Powell
Splash Imaging Supplies

11 Sep 2018

Come with a clear head ready to absorb lots of ideas

Kelly Stock
Kelly Ann Events

11 Sep 2018

Fantastic event, well worth time, learnt heaps plus had fun!

Damien Battersby
Proactive IT Solutions

11 Sep 2018

I got a lot out of tonight. Very informative

Michael Riley
Exec Director Australian Patients Association

11 Sep 2018

The event was particularly well run to time. The panel was well balanced and offered great value. Love the emphasis on strategy and processes. Also liked the insights into different aspects of digital marketing

Helen McIntosh
Operations Genie

11 Sep 2018

Very insightful and enjoyable company of professionals.

Mick Guerin

11 Sep 2018

Thought provoking, knowledge filled, entertaining.

Ian Hopkinson
Mad Scientist

11 Sep 2018

A great opportunity to think outside my sector and think about marketing for the business.

Kate Sutton
Humanitarian Advisory Group

Nov 2018

Come along for the dinner. Stay for the education

Benny Ausmus
Big Change Agency
Nov 2018

Excellent opportunity to learn more about business in a targeted manner. Excellent knowledge on the panel

Sarah Cowan
Light and Dark Creative
Nov 2018

Good mix of business and entertainment

Gerard Keble
Keble's Trading
Nov 2018

Informative and in a format that is engaging and useful

Warren Cochrane
Nov 2018

Fantastic insights on lots of aspects of business relevant to any business owner. It's like speed dating for your business. Plus lots of useful hacks, many of which we will be implementing tomorrow

Jessica Pile and Peita De Trizio
Nov 2018

Insightful - great for getting focused with critical items for business/clients etc

Ben Recto
Elephant Financial
Nov 2018

Really interesting and engaging. Very professional.

Matt Dunstone
Horizons Wealth
Nov 2018

Take notes! You learn and get an opportunity to talk to others about your business.

Sarah MacDonald
Canine Comprehension
Nov 2018

There is no way you wouldn't learn something valuable

Alan Gill
Choice Energy
Nov 2018

Very informative, relevant. Great networking. Learnt a lot

Adam Williams
Zeroda Sports Wash
Nov 2018

"Great overview of essential business ideas and strategies".

Aleks Todorovic, Active Environmental Solutions

Feb 2019

"Very insightful, great topics, great company, well run."

Amy Phillips, Horizon Management Group

Feb 2019

"The food is really good and its great to chat to other business owners and share experiences".

Carole-Anne Brook Key Administration Solutions

Feb 2019

"The table by table discussion was excellent and informative"

Damien Prunty SCS Performance

Feb 2019

"You can learn something"

Eric Nguyen TE Partners

Feb 2019

"Highly recommend attending as a base for building your business"

Louise McKenzie Canine Comprehension

Feb 2019

"Very informative. Great range of topics"

Martin Farrugia Employ Sure

Feb 2019

"Great group of experts. You learn tons"

Sarah McDonald Canine Comprehension

Feb 2019

The practical examples and specific advice on a relevant problem for our business was a great takeaway

Sharyon Saul,  Active Weighing Solutions, 19/3/2019 

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