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Melbourne East: BMS

Melbourne East: The BMS Team

For branding, marketing, sales and customer relationship specialists in the Melbourne Eastern Suburbs. The Branding Marketing Sales Team has developed to a point where it operates very much as an agency with clients working with multiple members of the team at any one time. Of course they still work closely with the FORT Team and members visit each other on a regular basis.

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Melbourne East FORT

Melbourne East: The FORT Team

For B2B professionals in the areas of finance, systems and operations, risk management, people and culture in the Melbourne Eastern Suburbs. Of course we still work closely with members of the Branding-Marketing-Sales Team

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When one of our members decided to relocate to Bali permanently she loved being part of the Synergy48 community so much that she decided to take it with her and build her own Bali team. This team will be opening in early 2019 so if you want to be part of the Leadership Team we'd love to hear from you.

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Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Open a Synergy48 Team in your region and create your own unique community of high quality, respected B2B professionals working together collaboratively to build more profitable, sustainable businesses for you, your team members and their clients.

Synergy48’s mission is to create regional teams of outstanding B2B businesses working together collaboratively to help members and their clients build more profitable and sustainable businesses.

We are committed to assisting B2B professionals who want to take a leadership role in Synergy48’s mission through the establishment of new teams in their region. Synergy48 will directly support the establishment, marketing and growth of new regional teams

Opportunities are open for both Facilitators and Leadership Team members.


Ideal candidates meet the following criteria:

  • You are an independent B2B business professional.
  • Your ideal clients are SME business owners. (Not micro businesses or large businesses)
  • You have the ability to schedule your own time and you are able to commit to attending one Team Meeting and one Knowledge Sharing Dinner each month.
  • You have strong communication, leadership and facilitation skills. (Essential for those interested in a Facilitator role)
  • You are looking for increased exposure and opportunities to grow your business.
  • You want to develop a strong network of B2B specialists who can add real value to your clients.
  • You share the Synergy48 Group core values of professional excellence, teamwork, truth, and business for good.

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