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Synergy48 Group Business Networking Done Differently:

Ideas and case studies for strategic partnerships for small business owners.

The massage therapist and the dentist - a strategic partnership case study

Discover the three key elements in this case study to help create effective strategic partnerships in your business

10 Strategic Partnership Ideas (Not Just) For Bookkeepers

Here are ten strategic alliance ideas (not just for) for bookkeepers. It doesn’t matter what business you are in… ask yourself “how can I apply that idea to MY busi

Becoming a published author - a collaborative approach (3 case studies)

 Three case studies of strategies where the load of becoming a published author has been shared with other business owners using co-authoring strategic partnership opportunities

Host Beneficiary Gifts Clever gift ideas to increase business leads

A host beneficiary is where 1 business gives something of value to another business to pass on to their clients in the hope of getting leads back. Here are four case studies using Host Beneficiary gifts to start your creative juices running.

50 ideas for shared marketing strategies to grow your business

50 examples of Shared Marketing Strategies. While each of them is applied to a particular business (or group of businesses) remember to keep an open mind about how you could apply them to YOUR business

Strategic partnership ideas (not just) for mortgage brokers

8 strategic partnership ideas and 30+ potential alliance partnerships specifically for mortgage brokers and their potential partners.

Strategic partnership ideas for problem spotters

Many business owners are in a prime position to spot the problems that other business owners solve… not so many take the trouble to help their clients find the best solutions to those problems. There’s a WIN WIN WIN for those that do.

101 ideas for working with other business owners

The opportunities to create strategic alliances are limited only by the imaginations of the business owners involved. In this SWIPE File you’ll find 101 ideas, hints and tips to help you achieve your business goals by working effectively with other business owners

12 strategic partnership ideas (not just) for accountants

12 ideas for professions which can easily work with accountants to add real value to each others businesses PLUS the answer to how to create WIN WIN connections with quality accountants.

10 strategic partnership ideas (not just) for gyms

Not just for gyms – think outside the box and whatever your profession or business category you’ll find at least one idea here that you can use in your business to get more leads, more customers or more raving fans…

Ideas to build your brand through collaboration: host beneficiary alliances

A host beneficiary strategy is an alliance strategy where one business owner supplies another business owner with something of value to pass on to their clients. Includes six categories of host beneficiary alliances and how they, work with examples.

Touting to Tradies: 800 leads in three days

A strategic partnership case study with THREE key takeaways….No matter who your ideal clients are; if you’d like 800 leads in 3 days you need to mind these three critical rules.

51 Strategic Partnership Ideas (Not Just) for Photographers

1Contains dozens of strategic partnership ideas and stresses the importance of having a clearly defined speciality or niche to make working with you attractive to strategic partners

Four WIN WIN WIN Strategic Partnership Case Studies

4 case studies of ways small business owners can work together to create WIN WIN WIN outcomes. Also include suggestions for the kinds of business each case study could work best for.

Seven steps to referral success for business coaches

While it’s very easy for good business coaches to refer business to others, it’s often a one way street. Here’s a 7 step solution for business coaches to build a strong referral network

Using strategic partnerships to get more bang for your promotional products buck

Promotional products are a useful tool to build your brand, create customer loyalty and keep you top of mind for when your products or services are needed. However they can also be expensive and their reach limited. Strategic partnerships can change that

Five tips for effective cross promotions

Five tips to make cross promotions work in your business and turn your strategic partners’ customers into your customers and raving fans.

A 5 step system to becoming the go to person in your market - no matter what you sell

Outlines the steps in a strategy to circulate knowledge/information to your clients and potential clients to increase reach and credibility, generate more leads and improve conversions.

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