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Synergy48 Group Business Networking Done Differently:

How to create effective strategic partnerships and referral relationships

A guide to creating a Strategic Partner Network for specialists, consultants and advisors to SMEs

The information and case studies in this guide have been developed over a period of 2 years, working with a core group of outstanding B2B specialists, consultants and advisors, collaborating to build a unique and powerful Strategic Partner Network, adding exponential value to members and their clients. 

Strategic Partnership and JV Checklist

Before implementing any strategic alliance, joint venture or partnership make sure you work through this checklist so you get your new relationship off to the best possible start.

What are strategic partnerships and why should I care?

Strategic Partnerships: two or more business owners working together to create WIN WIN results for both of them. They can help you to get more leads, more customers and more profits. They can even help you reduce your costs.

One reason you may not be getting the referrals you hope for

If you want to receive quality referrals for potential clients who are a great fit for your business make sure your referral partners know exactly who you can help and what makes you stand out from the crowd.

How to find 100 people to consistently generate leads for your business

Here’s a way to generate a list of 100 business owners you can work with to create WIN WIN business growth strategies together.

Four steps to an effective strategic partnership plan

A four step process for planning successful strategic partnerships. Includes 9 considerations for successful implementation.

The 10 things you absolutely MUST know about creating strategic partnerships and joint ventures (JVs)

A 10 point checklist for creating effective strategic partnerships, joint ventures and other strategic alliances that won’t end in tears or broken relationships

Are you approaching strategic partnerships with the wrong questions?

 I am often asked questions like “Who could I create a strategic partnership with?”  But if you don’t know the answer perhaps you are asking the wrong questions.

3 questions you must answer for yourself before you commit to any strategic partnership

Here are three key questions that you MUST answer before starting any strategic partnership: If you can answer YES to all three questions then the partnership will help you to exponentially grow your business and your profits.

Seven steps to referral partnership that deliver real results

Seven steps to building amazing referral partner relationships which will generate an ENDLESS STREAM of quality referrals for your business.

Is your business strategic partnership ready?

Strategic alliances are the most powerful and cost effective way for small businesses to get more leads. More customers and more raving fans, but if you don’t have some key basics in place they can also be a recipe for disaster….

Seven steps to identifying the perfect strategic partners for your business

A seven-step process with activities to help you identify those professions which will make ideal strategic partners for your business.

The number one reason you may be waiting a LONG time to receive referrals from your referral partners

If you’re like most small business owners, receiving referrals from referral partners can be a bit of a random affair. Here’s the number 1 reason why and some ideas for what to do about it

Three questions to ask to find the right strategic partnership and referral partners

THREE things you need to match to make sure that you are choosing the right strategic partners for your business. PLUS three key questions to ask to avoid the endless coffee meetings that go nowhere.

Seven steps to persuading someone to promote your products or services to their list

Seven things to do which will significantly increase the probability that someone with a large list will agree to promote your products or services. Miss any one of these and the odds are that they will say NO.

8 ideas for finding strategic partners to work with

One challenge for business owners wanting to create strategic partnership is finding potential partners to work with. . Here are 8 tips to help you get started

The top three reasons most referral partnerships fail

Describes the three key reasons which underpin the failure of most referral relationships and what to do to avoid them

A 5 step process to generate a steady stream of quality referrals from your referral partners

A step by step process to ensure that your referral relationships work for you, your referral partners and the potential clients who often get overlooked in the rush to get referrals.

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