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Are you wasting time and money at networking events?

90% of networking contacts are never followed up. 100s of business cards languishing in bottom drawers. Discover the 3 most common reasons why and what to do about them

Seven Steps to Effective Networking Followup

A comprehensive guide of things to do before and after attending a networking event to make sure you get the maximum value from your investment of time and money…

Is your networking suffering from your interesting introduction?

One of the first things new business networkers are taught is the importance of having an interesting introduction, sometimes known as an ‘infomercial” or “elevator pitch”. But how well is your pitch serving your networking effectiveness?

Why I don't have a business card

As a professional business networker I tend to get some pretty shocked responses when I say “I don’t have a business card”. So let me share with you why…

Networking The Dark Side: Seven Networking Nasties and How to Avoid Them

When you’re new in business one of the first things you’re told is how important networking is. What you often don’t hear is the dark side of networking and it’s something every business owner needs to know…

Where Should I Network?

Wondering which networking events to attend or which groups to join?  Of course the answer depends:  “Who do you want to meet and why? “ With those questions answered it becomes that much easier to find the right events to attend and the right groups to join.

It's more important to be interestED than interestING

People need to know that you care before they care what you know. So Ditch the Pitch and start listening…

Seven problems with typical networking groups and events

I don’t know about you but sometimes I get very frustrated with typical networking groups and events. Here’s list of 7 typical problems to watch out for and how to avoid them.

How to pick a winner in the networking lucky dip

For many of us attending networking events is a game of chance. To mix up the metaphor a little more, think about a child’s Lucky Dip box. So what do you need to do to pick a winner or is it all a matter of luck?

A recipe for SMART Coffee

How to avoid spending hours in coffee meetings that go nowhere following up after networking events.

Who do you want to meet at a networking event?

You’ll typically meet a lot of people at the average networking event, so who should you be looking out for to get the best value from every event you attend.  It may not be exactly who you think…. 

Are you selling hamburgers at networking events?

Imagine for a moment that Walt Disney met Ray Kroc (founder of the McDonalds Corporation) at a networking event. Which of these conversations do you think would have been more likely?

10 ways to stay in touch with your network

Creating a strong and effective network involves more than attending networking events and collecting business cards. Here are ten things you can do to consolidate your network.

How to create a networking plan

For many people a networking plan looks something like this… attend 2 networking events each week, make at least 5 new connections… but which networking events should you attend and who do you want to connect with?

8 ways to stand out from the crowd in your networking group

Of course if you have a unique personal style – always wear a bright pink jacket or a funny hat that’s one way to stand out from a crowd but if you are more conservative here are a few other ideas to think about.

Seven things every business owner needs to network effectively

A handy checklist of seven things every business owner needs to network effectively and NO – the list doesn’t start or end with a business card. If you don’t have these 7 things you may be wasting your time and money.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of your networking efforts

If you have a service based business which is heavily dependent on referrals then networking is most likely a critical part of your marketing.  So how do you evaluate the effectiveness of your networking efforts?

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