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10 ways to stay in touch with your network

Creating a strong and effective network involves more than attending networking events and collecting business cards. Here are ten things you can do to consolidate your network.

By Brenda Thomson

How many times have you met someone at a networking event, exchanged business cards, perhaps even had an initial post event contact and then nothing……

This does NOT mean adding them to your regular email list unless you have their explicit permission to do so. Adding someone to an email list just because they gave you their business card is illegal. 

Of course part of your follow up strategy can and should be to ask them if they would like to be added to your mailing list!

Whether or not they ask to be added to your mailing list it is critically important to be organised, have a system and keep great records so that you can stay in touch.

In addition to your regular emails to people on your mailing list identify a number of touch points that work for your business and your personality and implement an ongoing “Stay in touch” strategy that will ensure that you continue to develop each relationship.

Remember the “Stay in Touch” strategy you implement will vary depending on the nature of the relationship you want to nurture.

This may vary from a simple staying in touch card or email once a year to remind them who you are, to regular phone calls, meetings, cards and even gifts.  Once again you need to develop a range of processes that work for each of your categories of contacts.

Here are ten possible touch points!

Things you can do include a phone call, an email, a card or a gift – whatever works for you and your business AND the nature of the relationship!

  1. As a follow up to the follow-up.
    1. If you offered them some help – was it useful?
    2. If you connected them with someone – how did it work-out?
    3. If you were exploring the possibilities of an alliance. Well the next steps should be obvious.
  2. When something significant happens in their lives or their businesses – keep an eye on their LinkedIn or Facebook profile if they have one so that you can respond appropriately to the highs and lows in their businesses and lives.
  3. When you find something that they may be interested in.
  4. When you see them in public or whenever you have a meeting.
  5. Birthdays and special occasions – one of the cool things about social media is that you often get to know peoples’ birthdays so you can recognise them.
  6. As a thanks for something nice that they do for you.
  7. When they become a customer of yours or a referral works out.
  8. When they buy a second time.
  9. If they give you a testimonial.
  10.    On the anniversary of when you met them.

Can you think of more… let us know

Until next time…

Brenda Thomson

Brenda Thomson

CEO and Founder, Synergy48 Group

Brenda has an honours degree in organizational psychology and a Graduate Certificate in training and development and she is an experienced trainer, facilitator and counsellor. She is a firm believer in mutual collaboration combined with a practical, hands on tools, strategies and systems as the most effective way to achieve real results in business. 

Brenda has over 20 years of experience training in communication, team work, time management, productivity, organisation and strategic planning in large organisations. She is also the developer of the Business Benchmarking Toolkit used by Synergy48 Group members and clients to identify areas for improvement in their business processes.

Brenda is a sought after mentor, speaker and trainer in the areas of strategic partnerships and networking with a difference.  She is passionate about actively giving back to the community. In addition to donating her speaking fees and a proportion of every Synergy48 Group membership to provide microfinance to help women in Malawi to start their own businesses, Brenda has climbed the Himalayas to raise money for Kids Help Line and helped lay a pipeline to supply water to a remote village in Tanzania.


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