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Seven Steps to Effective Networking Followup

A comprehensive guide of things to do before and after attending a networking event to make sure you get the maximum value from your investment of time and money…

Networking The Dark Side: Seven Networking Nasties and How to Avoid Them

When you’re new in business one of the first things you’re told is how important networking is. What you often don’t hear is the dark side of networking and it’s something every business owner needs to know…

Latest Networking Articles and Resources

Where Should I Network?

Wondering which networking events to attend or which groups to join?  Of course the answer depends:  “Who do you want to meet and why? “ With those questions answered it becomes that much easier to find the right events to attend and the right groups to join.

Are you selling hamburgers at networking events?

Imagine for a moment that Walt Disney met Ray Kroc (founder of the McDonalds Corporation) at a networking event. Which of these conversations do you think would have been more likely?

The SMART Networking ROI Report

Download the SMART Networking ROI Monthly report. It’s a fantastic way to analyse the effectiveness of your networking activities AND to hold yourself accountable for following through effectively.

How to create a networking plan

For many people a networking plan looks something like this… attend 2 networking events each week, make at least 5 new connections… but which networking events should you attend and who do you want to connect with?

Latest Strategic Partnership Articles and Resources

Strategic Partnership and JV Checklist

Before implementing any strategic alliance, joint venture or partnership make sure you work through this checklist so you get your new relationship off to the best possible start.

How to find 100 people to consistently generate leads for your business

Here’s a way to generate a list of 100 business owners you can work with to create WIN WIN business growth strategies together.

The number one reason you may be waiting a LONG time to receive referrals from your referral partners

If you’re like most small business owners, receiving referrals from referral partners can be a bit of a random affair. Here’s the number 1 reason why and some ideas for what to do about it

Seven steps to identifying the perfect strategic partners for your business

A seven-step process with activities to help you identify those professions which will make ideal strategic partners for your business.

Latest Strategic Partnership Ideas and Case Studies

50 ideas for shared marketing strategies to grow your business

50 examples of Shared Marketing Strategies. While each of them is applied to a particular business (or group of businesses) remember to keep an open mind about how you could apply them to YOUR business

101 ideas for working with other business owners

The opportunities to create strategic alliances are limited only by the imaginations of the business owners involved. In this SWIPE File you’ll find 101 ideas, hints and tips to help you achieve your business goals by working effectively with other business owners

Touting to Tradies: 800 leads in three days

A strategic partnership case study with THREE key takeaways….No matter who your ideal clients are; if you’d like 800 leads in 3 days you need to mind these three critical rules.

10 Strategic Partnership Ideas (Not Just) For Bookkeepers

Here are ten strategic alliance ideas (not just for) for bookkeepers. It doesn’t matter what business you are in… ask yourself “how can I apply that idea to MY busi

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