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Professional Excellence

We believe every client deserves our best and we will set the standard in service delivery, through a commitment to excellence, innovation, ongoing learning and continuous improvement.

At Synergy48 we believe that brand values are something that should drive every decision and every action, not simply be something you put on your website, talk about or pay lip service to. 

Every Synergy48 Group member commits to doing business in line with our shared values throughout their membership.


These are the things we do to support our shared commitment to professional excellence.

  • Before becoming a member every candidate surveys their clients from the past 12 months to demonstrate their standards of professional excellence and to demonstrate their commitment to our shared values. We do not accept membership applications from candidates who are unwilling to survey their clients or who fail to meet our minimum standards in their survey results.  See the FAQ below for more information about how the survey process works. 
  • Throughout their time with Synergy48 Group all members implement and maintain best practice customer feedback strategies in line with their industry or profession.  (Find out how in the FAQ below)
  • Where members do not have customer feedback strategies in place we provide mentoring and support in developing and implementing them as a part of our member support services. 
  • Our monthly meeting process supports innovation, ongoing learning and continuous improvement for all members.
  • Members are encouraged to provide each other with ideas, feedback and opportunities for improvement as part of our member relationship processes. 
  • Members are encouraged to provide each other with feedback and opportunities for improvement as part of all referral relationships and strategic partnerships  to ensure the best possible outcomes for clients and to continuously learn and improve for the future.
  • We regularly seek feedback from members and continuously seek ways to improve as part our Synergy48 commitment to professional excellence.
  • We seek feedback from all guests at Knowledge Sharing Dinners and include the members who invited them in the feedback loop.

Our latest customer feedback results (live feed)

Frequently asked questions about the Synergy48 Group Quality Control and Customer Feedback Process

How does the initial quality control process work?

Prior to acceptance into the Synergy48 Group Business Specialist Network candidates are required to survey their clients from the past twelve months. Any candidate who fails to meet our high standards in this initial review process is automatically excluded from membership.

Following acceptance, all members continue to survey their clients on an ongoing basis in line with best practice for their industry. It’s easy to post glowing testimonials from your mates on your website and sweep bad feedback under the carpet. That is not acceptable in Synergy48 Group where the reputation of every member depends on the actions of every other member and the measurable outcomes for every client depend on the professional excellence of every specialist.

That’s why you can have confidence that you are dealing with quality professionals who have been thoroughly vetted to ensure that you will receive the best possible service, support and advice, no exceptions.

How the ongoing customer feedback process works

Once you have met our initial professional excellence standards we expect all members to implement and maintain an ongoing customer feedback process in line with best practice for their industry. 

Business who deliver ongoing regular services (e.g. bookkeepers) have very different customer feedback requirements than businesses that deliver once only large projects. 

Members can continue to use the Synergy48 Group Customer Thermometer system, tweaked to meet their business needs OR to use their own system if they already have one in place. 

If you don’t have a customer feedback process in place one of our facilitators will work with you to implement a system that works for you and your clients. The use of the Customer Thermometer system is an option depending on your business requirements. If you want to use the Synergy48 Group Customer Thermometer and you are sending ou a large number of surveys every month there may be a small additional charge for use of the system.

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