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Synergy48 Group Walking the Talk – Truth 


Our actions, conversations and decisions are guided by reality and doing what’s right. Honesty you can depend on, even if it isn’t exactly what you wanted to hear.

At Synergy48 we believe that brand values are something that should drive every decision and every action, not simply be something you put on your website, talk about or pay lip service to. 

Every Synergy48 Group member commits to doing business in line with our shared values throughout their membership. 

These are the things we do to support our shared commitment to truth


Everything we say and everything we do is based on two guiding principles:

  • Openness, honesty and respect: we speak and act in accordance with the truth as we believe it to be in an open and respectful way and acknowledging that other’s truth may not be the same as ours.

  • Integrity and Ethics: we do what is right for the planet and for the people on it, whether they are our clients, our fellow members or the wider community, even if it costs us in money, clients, time, resources or friends.

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