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Synergy48 Group Walking the Talk – Collaboration 

Working together to achieve our mission:  bringing together teams of outstanding B2B businesses working collaboratively to help members and their clients build more profitable and sustainable businesses and make a difference in the world


Doing what is in the best interest of every member and every client is our guiding principle. We work together as one, focusing on each member’s and client’s unique goals, objectives and situation to ensure the best outcome for everyone, every time.

At Synergy48 we believe that brand values are something that should drive every decision and every action, not simply be something you put on your website, talk about or pay lip service to. 

Every Synergy48 Group member commits to doing business in line with our shared values throughout their membership.


Our collaboration brand pillar has TWO objectives

  • Helping members thrive by working collaboratively
  • Helping members better serve their clients by working collaboratively

These are the things we do to support our shared commitment to collaboration 

  • Every group approves and manages its own membership profile to maximise the synergies between group members and to ensure the best outcomes for clients.
  • All meeting agenda include items which:
    • Encourage members to work collaboratively to help each other with business challenges
    • Encourage members to share information to better help each other’s clients
  • We have a secure online community where members can work together collaboratively both within and across groups.
  • We have a regular member feedback and suggestion process which measure the effectiveness of members working together and seeks ideas for better ways for members to collaborate and to provide improved services to clients.
  • Our member resource area provides members with resources and tool to help them work together effectively using a variety of referral and strategic partnership strategies.
  • The Knowledge Sharing Dinner Series, the Synergiser Blog, the Better Business Practices Toolkit and the Integrated Business Improvement Process have all been developed to help members work together collaboratively to provide better information and services to clients.

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