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Frustrated at not knowing where to find trustworthy specialists to get things done the way you want them?


Synergy48 Business Specialists are quality tested independent experts carefully matched to your business and requirements

Sound familiar?

  1. Experts who tell you THEY have the ideal solution to your problem, no matter what.
  2. Dealing with a different person at every meeting and always having to re-explain your business and your problem.
  3. Getting shunted from one supplier to the next, always spending more money and never getting the outcome you were looking for.
  4. Paying exorbitant prices for inadequate or at best average results.
  5. Finding that solution B can’t work with solution A and having to rip it all out and start again.
  6. Worried that the solution you’re being sold may not be the best option for your business but not knowing what you don’t know!
  7. Dealing with large organisations with no soul and no care, and staff members who are only there to earn a paycheck and go home.
  8. Working with small suppliers with the best of intentions who do their best to help and end up being a “Jack of all Trades”, or over extending themselves and no longer providing you with the depth of expertise or the quality of service you really need.
As SME business owners ourselvesSynergy48 Group members have experienced many of these frustrations, so we decided to do something about it.

Who are the Synergy48 Specialist Advisors?

We started as a small group of independent specialist B2B business owners who respected each other’s professional ability, enjoyed working together and found that by collaborating we were able to deliver better outcomes for our clients.

From that point we started looking out for other high quality experts to join our Group.

Working together we have developed systems and processes so we can add real value to clients by working collaboratively.

We  have FOUR criteria for Group membership:

  • Every Synergy48 Group member shares and demonstrates in every decision and every action a common commitment to our brand values of professional excellence; integrated customer-centric service;  truth and fairness.
  • We are all committed to maintaining our quality control standards as demonstrated through our independent quality control process.
  • We value long term client relationships built on mutual trust and respect.
  • Finally, we’re all SME business owners like you. Collectively we’ve walked a million miles in your shoes, and we have the blisters to prove it.

We are always on the lookout for high-quality experts in specialist niches or with expertise in industry sectors with unique requirements.

Click through the gallery below to view the specialist advisors in your region

Our quality control results below are updated in real time from client feedback surveys

Synergy48 Quality Control Standards

Prior to acceptance as a member of Synergy48 Business Specialist Network candidates are required to survey their clients from the past twelve months. Any candidate who fails to meet our high standards in this initial review process is automatically excluded from membership.

Following acceptance, all Synergy48 members continue to survey their clients on an ongoing basis in line with best practice for their industry.

All Synergy48 Group members are required to maintain an ongoing high standard of client feedback in order to retain their place in the Group.

The results of their feedback surveys are posted here on the Synergy48 website in real time.  We’re proud of our 95%+ happiness rating, after all, nobody is perfect and let’s be honest some clients can be extra hard to please.

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The various elements of your business don’t happen in isolation. An integrated business improvement solution gives you access to a hand-picked team of Advisors and Specialists helping ensure the successful integration of your business improvement solutions across all aspects of your business, saving you time, money and resources and ensuring the best possible outcomes for your business.
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