Synergy48 Group Member Content Publication Guidelines

Share your content with the wider Synergy48 Group community to:

  • Provide valuable knowledge and insights to the Synergy48 community and their clients
  • Increase your brand exposure and recognition
  • Increase the brand exposure and recognition of the whole Synergy48 community

What we publish:

Relevant, high quality informational content of real value to small and medium business owners. We are NOT looking for trite, rehashed, run of the mill content. If you don't consider it of sufficient quality and importance to proudly share it with your own clients, please don't send it to us! 

We accept:

We do NOT accept:

  • Content which has previously been published in publications other than your own blog/website . 
  • Promotional content of any sort.

Where we publish:

  • On the Blog. All accepted content is published in the Synergy48 Blog. 
  • In the Monthly Newsletter: The following content will be included in the monthly newsletter:
    • Content which has been published over the past 60 days will be shared in the Synergiser at the start of the following month.
    • In the event that we do not have sufficient new content, we will republish particularly high quality, evergreen content which has not been published in the Synergiser over the past 12 months. 
    • In the event that we have too much content, priority will be given to (1) topics of particular timely significance, (2) topics which the editor considers to be particularly interesting, informative and unusual, (3) to authors who have not had content published recently.
  • On Social Media: All content from the blog is held in a social media library for republication on LinkedIn from time to time throughout the year.
    • All articles published during the past year are reviewed at the end of each year and any articles which are no longer relevant are removed from the library. Articles which have proved particularly popular over the year may be republished in the Synergiser over the Christmas holiday period.
    • Content which has particular time restrictions (e.g. tax time or articles relating to the release of a piece of legislation) will be published in line with those restrictions and removed when they are no longer relevant.

Guidelines for publication

  • All content for publication should be submitted by email or PING to Brenda Thomson. If you are supplying content which has already been published then a link to the original publication is sufficient. 
  • All previously published content must be received by no later than the last Wednesday of the month after it was first published in order to be included in the monthly Synergiser.
  • Quick tips can be provided in the body of the ping or email
  • Unpublished articles should be provided as an attachment in word format.

By sharing your content with Synergy48 Group for publication you acknowledge and agree to it being published as described above.

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