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Best ways to contact Synergy48 Group HQ

Best ways to contact Synergy48 Group HQ

  • Ping Brenda Thomson on Basecamp - this is best for quick information sharing and simple questions or if you need to change an S48 Group meeting booking.
  • Phone Brenda on 0428 210 447 - this is best if you want to discuss any aspect of your membership or if you have a problem or concern.
  • Need a longer chat with Brenda or don't want to play telephone tag?   Here's the link to Calendly  so you can book a suitable time to talk

Provisional Member ‘Welcome on Board’ information

The Welcome on Board Meeting Agenda
  • Setting up your Best Practice Customer Feedback system (Go to
    • Initial Feedback
    • Ongoing processes
    • Agreed action items and due dates
    • How to create effective strategic partnerships for Synergy48 members.
    • Your ideal strategic partners
    • Your best partnership strategies
    • Agreed action items and due dates
  • The Better Business Benchmarker (coming soon)
  • What’s next?
    • Setting your Provisional Membership Meeting Schedule
    • An invitation to join Basecamp
    • Welcome on Board Meeting Notes
  • Resources and questions
Our brand values and core behaviours

At Synergy48 we believe that our brand values are something that should drive our behaviour, not simply be something to put on our website, talk about or pay lip service to.

As a community we are committed to a set of core behaviours which underpin our brand values of truth, professional excellence, collaboration, and business for good.


  1. We speak and act in accordance with the truth as we believe it to be in an open and respectful way and acknowledging that other’s truth may not be the same as ours.
  2. We provide open, honest feedback to our fellow members on the outcomes of all insights, advice, connections and referrals they give us, both good and bad.

Professional Excellence

  1. We have a continuous improvement plan which is aligned with our business goals. It forms part of our overall business plan and it is included in our strategic planning process.
  2. We utilise the monthly meeting process to seek the insights, support and advice of our fellow members on how we can improve our business practices and solve business challenges.
  3. We prepare for monthly meetings in advance so that we are able to get maximum value from the input of our fellow members.
  4. We have a best practice system in place to collect client feedback regularly and consistently. The feedback from this system is shared with the whole Synergy48 community.


  1. We put a high priority on attending monthly meetings so we are there to provide insights, support and advice to our fellow members.
  2. We take the time to get to know our fellow group members and to fully understand one another’s business, goals, ideal clients, products and services, so that we can add value through providing relevant and valuable insights, advice and connections.
  3. We are clear about who are our ideal clients and our ideal strategic partners, and we have clearly communicated this to our fellow members.
  4. We have effective tools and processes which make it easy for others to refer our ideal clients to us when it is in the best interest of those clients to do so.
  5. We proactively look for ways to refer business to our fellow members when it is in the best interest of those clients to do so.
  6. We take the time to get to know Synergy48 Group members outside our own group to extend our strategic partner network and look for ways to create valuable WIN-WIN relationships, and share insights, knowledge and connections adding value to members and their clients.
  7. We proactively look for business owners in our extended network who are a fit with for the Synergy48 ecosystem to introduce them to the Synergy48 community.

Business for Good

  1. We do what is right for the planet and for the people on it, whether they are our clients, our fellow members or the wider community, even if it costs us in money, clients, time, resources or friends.
  2. We have made contribution to sustainable development, including the health and the welfare of the planet and society, a core part of our business model. It is reflected in our purpose and values and in our strategic planning process and we measure and review our ongoing
Your Best Practice Customer Feedback System


At Synergy48 we believe that brand values are something that should drive every decision and every action, not simply be something you put on your website, talk about or pay lip service to.  That’s why every Synergy48 Group member commits to doing business in line with our shared values throughout their membership.

As a key part of our commitment to professional excellence, all Synergy48 members implement and maintain best practice customer feedback strategies in line with their industry or profession.

You can read about the elements of a Best Practice Customer Feedback System here

How it works

Through our partnership with the online customer feedback system Jago you will receive access to your own customisable online customer feedback system as a part of your membership, providing ongoing insights into how your customers see your business. You can find out more about Jago at

At the start of your provisional membership, you are asked to conduct an initial survey of all your clients from the past 12 months to demonstrate your standards of professional excellence and to demonstrate your commitment to our shared values. At this time you will be expected to achieve a minimum Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 50.

What is a Net Promoter Score?

NPS is a customer satisfaction benchmark that measures how likely your customers are to recommend you to a friend. The NPS range is from -100 to +100. A “positive” score or NPS above 0 is considered “good”, +50 is “Excellent,” and above 70 is considered “world class.”

Why use NPS?

  1. Quick and easy for clients to use
  2. It measures the likelihood of repeat business
  3. It gives direction for change and improvement
  4. NPS can track change over time
  5. It’s easy to benchmark

Failure to survey your clients within the first month of membership or to achieve a NPS of at least 50 will result in the termination of your membership.

Following this initial survey, you are expected to implement and maintain an ongoing customer feedback process in line with best practice for your industry. Business who deliver ongoing regular services (e.g. bookkeepers) have very different customer feedback requirements than businesses that deliver once only large projects.

Your best practice system must include a Net Promoter Score, giving you and your fellow members confidence in the integrity of your results.  For this reason we recommend the use of the system provided through our partnership with GetJago. However if you are already using a comparable system which provides a Net Promoter Score you are able to continue to use your existing system. You should discuss this with your Synergy48 Group mentor.

Getting Started with Jago

Click here for detailed instructions on setting up and implementing your best practice customer feedback system with Jago


How to Create Effective Strategic Partnerships for Synergy48 Members

Download the printable version of the Guide here How to Create Effective Strategic Partnerships for S48 Members

How to use Basecamp for Synergy48 Group

What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is a cloud based project management and communication tool.

We use it in Synergy48 (S48) Group for:

  • Communication between S48 staff and members
  • Communication between S48 members
  • Management and coordination of KSDS dinners and communication between panel members
  • Members are able to create their own Basecamp Team or Project areas if they are working together on a project for a  client and they want a centralised area to share information, action items, timelines etc.

It is essential that all S48 members become familiar and comfortable with the use of Basecamp and check for any new communication on a regular basis.

Take a Tour

You can download the powerpoint as a pdf here how to use Basecamp

Got Questions?

  • Ping Brenda Thomson .
  • Haven’t got the hand of Pinging yet? 
  • Phone the Synergy48 Group office on 8087 0511
About the Better Business Benchmarker - coming soon

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