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I’m thrilled you want to learn more about Synergy48 Group membership and I’m looking forward to our chat.

In the meantime here are some FAQ for you to review so you get the maximum possible value from our scheduled time together.

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Brenda Thomson, CEO and founder Synergy48 Group

What's the provisional membership all about?

Becoming a Synergy48 Group member is a THREE step process

1. Attend a BOA Meeting as a guest

2. Apply for provisional membership

Once you have attended a meeting as a guest, you may be invited to take up the option of a provisional membership subject to a suitable vacancy being available.

This enables you to attend multiple group meetings and Knowledge Sharing Dinners over a 3 month period.

You may elect to attend meetings of only one Group or to visit more than one group to find the one which is the best fit for you.

You should also take the opportunity to meet with other members and to determine for yourself whether you are a good fit for our mission and values and that you will be able to both contribute to and receive value from the ecosystem.

Your fellow members will also be using this opportunity to decide whether or not to invite you to become a full member based on your fit for the Group.  

At the end of your provisional membership you will be asked whether you wish to apply for full membership and if so which group you would like to join.

Members of your chosen group will then decide whether to accept your application subject to the satisfactory completion of the membership qualification process. 

3. Complete the qualification process for full membership

If you are invited to apply for membership you will have one final hurdle to complete.
Prior to acceptance as a full member candidates are required to survey all their clients from the past 12 months to ensure that you meet our high standards of professional excellence.
This is a simple one click feedback form which takes your clients less than 5 seconds to complete.
Subject to satisfactory results in the client survey process your full membership to Synergy48 Group will be approved and we’ll be proud to have you as a member of our community. 

What are the benefits of membership?

1. Better support your clients

One of the key benefits current members give for Synergy48 Business Network membership is their ability to better support their current clients:
  1. The ability to connect them with other B2B specialists with complete confidence in the quality of the services they will receive.
  2. The ability to work collaboratively with other specialists, providing your clients with fully integrated services and solutions, reducing overlap and wastage, increasing efficiency, saving them time and money and ensuring better outcomes for their business.
  3. The ability to discuss issues and challenges which may be affecting your clients in a confidential environment, enabling you to provide them with higher quality advice from a range of perspectives.
  4. The ability to keep your clients informed about any key information from outside your area of expertise which may affect their business through industry updates and alerts from your Synergy48 Group peers.

2. Grow your business through WIN WIN strategic partnerships and referral relationships

The Synergy48 BusinessNetwork systems and processes have been specifically developed to support members in identifying and implementing valuable and innovative strategic partnership opportunities that provide a WIN for Synergy48 members and a WIN for their clients.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Referrals between members where these are in the BEST interest of the client.
  • Integrated proposals and collaborative service offerings
  • White labeled services
  • shared marketing strategies, collaborative events, and promotional opportunities developed between individual members
  • Shared services and marketing strategies initiated as a collective such as the Synergy48 Group services website, ongoing social media strategies, the Integrated Business Improvement Program, the Knowledge Sharing Dinner Series, the Better Business Practices Benchmarking Toolkit and the monthly Synergiser.

3. Be part of an outstanding peer to peer advisory network

The benefits to growing small businesses of having a Board of Advisors are well known. The Australian Institute of Company Directors suggests:

  • The ability to draw on the skills and knowledge of directors/advisors who
    have practical experience in growing a business
  • Enhance the company’s reputation and credibility in the
  • Increase consumer and investor confidence
  • Attract superior employees by demonstrating a commitment
    to company growth
  • Create a potential source of members for the ‘main’ board as
    the company grows
  • Test the quality of “outsider” contributions to the business
    (for family companies)

Typically the investment for business owners looking for regular access to a high-quality Advisory Board can run into many thousands of dollars a year.

For Synergy48 Business Specialist Network members access to an Advisory Board is a built-in benefit;  the monthly meeting process providing regular access to a team of high-quality business advisors together with the opportunity to discuss challenges and issues in a supportive environment where every member is genuinely interested in the continued success of every other member.

4. Leverage the Synergy48 Group Brand

As Synergy48 Group grows and increases brand recognition the benefits for members will increase alongside it with the credibility of being part of a unique collective which puts customer service and professional excellence ahead of profits and where members work together in the best interests of their clients.. 

What are the criteria for membership?

All members of the Synergy48 Business Specialist Network share 4 essential characteristics:

  1. You are an experienced and respected expert in your industry or profession.
  2. Your ideal clients are small to medium businesses (not micro businesses or large corporates) and your products or services add real value to this market.
  3. You share our commitment to four core values:
    – professional excellence
    – integrated customer-centric service
    – truth
    – business for good
  4. You own your own business.

NOTE: all opportunities within the network are determined based on the identified needs of the Synergy48 Group ideal client base. To become a member of the Synergy48 Business Network your business must be able to add real value to our collective ability to serve the SME business community.

What are the membership commitments and how much time is involved?

What are the membership commitments?

We don’t have hard and fast rules. Our members are experienced business owners who make decisions based on their business goals and  priorities.

The only membership commitments are to uphold our core values of professional excellence, collaboration, truth and business for good

How much time is involved?

Meetings are not compulsory however more you put in the more you will get out!  

  • Every group meets monthly for 3 hours for their regular group Board of Advice (BOA) meeting. There are 10 meetings each year. We suggest that you attend at least 2 out of 3 meetings.  You are also welcome to attend meetings of other groups as a guest. 
  • Established regions run a monthly Knowledge Sharing Dinner (KSD) which lasts for around 3 hours. Most members attend around half the dinners each year. 
  • If you are on a panel you can expect to take 2-3 hours to prepare. 
  • All members meet together for an annual planning day once a year. You really don’t want to miss this one!
  • Some members choose to attend all BOA meetings and all KSDs and to regularly visit other groups.
  • Most important is the time you spend building relationships with your fellow members. 


Do I have to give referrals to other members?

Absolutely NOT! We have no referral quotas or requirements. 

Members generate strategic partnerships and referral relationships with each other when it is in the best interest of their clients to do so. That is our principle criteria!

What is the cost of membership?

Standard monthly membership is $198 (GST incl.) payable on the 1st day of each month. There are no ongoing contracts and you may discontinue your membership at any time.

If you are invited to participate as a panelist in the Knowledge Sharing Dinner Series program an additional charge of  $61 per month will apply.  This entitles you to a complimentary ticket each month which may be used to bring guests to any of the dinners in the series. Tickets may be accumulated and applied to any of the dinners in the current series. 

Why do I have to survey my clients before I become a member and how does the survey work?

Most networking groups ask potential members to provide references prior to approving membership. Unfortunately, we all know how easy it is to get references from a couple of mates.

The reputation of the Synergy48 brand, the associated reputation of every member and the strength of our collaborative processes ALL depend on the professional excellence, service and integrity of our members. 

That’s why we ask every potential member to survey ALL of their clients from the past 12 months.  The survey results are reviewed before a decision is made to offer a membership. 

When we ask you to survey your clients you know that every other member has done it before you AND that they have met our high standards.  We’re sure you wouldn’t want it any other way!  You can see an overview of the survey results in the footer on every page of our website. We’re rightly proud of of 98%+ Happy Customer rating.

How does the survey process work?

It’s a very simple process which will only take your clients 5 seconds to complete.

  1. We provide you with an email template to send to your clients. We do NOT access your email list or client base.
  2. The email containing a simple ONE CLICK question: “How would you rate my services?” and FOUR possible answers.  I.m a raving fan; I’m a happy client; I have some concerns; Thumbs down from me.  You can find out more about how it works at Customer Thermometer
  3. When your client clicks on one of the four responses they are taken to an optional feedback form where they can leave additional comments.
  4. The customer thermometer system notifies you and Synergy48 Group of responses and collates all of your results.
  5. If you meet our membership requirements you will be offered a place in Synergy48 Group.  We set a minimum standard of 95% satisfied customers  (Either raving fans or happy clients). Nobody is perfect and some clients really are just hard to please
How does the ongoing customer feedback process work?

Once you have met our initial professional excellence standards we expect all members to implement and maintain an ongoing customer feedback process in line with best practice for their industry. 

Business who deliver ongoing regular services (e.g. bookkeepers) have very different customer feedback requirements than businesses that deliver once only large projects. 

Members can continue to use the Synergy48 Group Customer Thermometer system, tweaked to meet their business needs OR to use their own system if they already have one in place. 

If you don’t have a customer feedback process in place one of our facilitators will work with you to implement a system that works for you and your clients. The use of the Customer Thermometer system is an option depending on your business requirements. If you want to use the Synergy48 Group Customer Thermometer and you are sending more than 250 surveys every month there will be a small additional charge for use of the system.

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