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Information is the resolution of uncertainty. - Claude Shannon "the father of information theory"

Welcome to the Synergy48 Group Library

Sharing useful information and knowledge to help fill the gaps in business best practice for SME businesses

Simpler Awards in Sight

Approx time to read:  Less than 2 min Key Take Aways: Some underpayment bungles may result from failure to understand complex awards. Research by Sweeney Research found small business operators described awards as “convoluted, complex, ambiguous and of...

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How to remove toxicity from your team

Approx time to read:  8 min video 6 steps to remove toxicity from your business 1. Be clear on why you're in business and talk about it 2. Be clear on what's important to your business - your values 3. Be clear on your business vision 4. Make sure your...

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The You Tube Guru Program

Approx time to read: 3 minutes Key Take Aways: Adverts on the YouTube platform are performing higher than any other platform. YouTube now has the ability to reach people during major life milestones when purchasing behavior changes. In 2013 the average...

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