Information is the resolution of uncertainty. - Claude Shannon "the father of information theory"

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Technology is essential to business success

Approx time to read:  Less than 4 minutes Key Take Aways: Discusses findings from the Small Business Digital Taskforce. Technology fuels business, and trying to save money by holding onto old technology and systems will actually cost you money. There are...

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The choice is simple

Approx time to read:  Less than 3 minutes Key Take Aways: Doing the right thing is key to business success.  Doing the right thing by your employees.  If you don't take good care of them, don't expect them to take good care of your customers. Doing the...

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Are you building a PurpleBrick road to failure?

Approx time to read:   5 minutes. Key Take Aways: Examines the failure of the PurpleBricks business model in Australia and what other businesses can learn from it. Assumptions can hurt you.  Listen to your customers. Understand who your market isn't not...

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