Information is the resolution of uncertainty. - Claude Shannon "the father of information theory"

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What’s the big idea?

Approx time to read:  8 minutes but well worth the time! Key Take Aways:It's much harder to stand out from your competition now than it was 50 years ago. Resurrects the concept of "The Big Idea" one simple concept that clearly sums up how your product or...

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Quick Tip: Is the ABN Valid and GST Registered?

When was the last time you checked the ABN of your suppliers?If your supplier doesnt' have a current ABN the ATO may hold you responsible for withholding the tax.  Synergy48 Group Best Practice Business Advisor and financial management specialist Heidi Froelich from H...

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A 6 point checklist to future proof your business

Assess your business todayThe Paradox of Data: In an era of increasing data collection and automation we are now in a position to deliver increasingly highly personalised experiences for our clients. Analysing the data and setting up relevant automation allows us to...

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