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Welcome to the Synergy48 Knowledge Sharing Dinner Series

We’re thrilled you’re able to join us.  Scroll down to find out more about the topic and agenda for the evening and let us know the key question you’d like the panel to discuss. 

Show Me The Money – Cashflow & Finance to enable Business Growth

The Synergy48 Group Knowledge Sharing Dinner Series: join the conversation.

11 June 2019

Business growth is exciting & filled with land mines.
In this knowledge sharing dinner experts from the areas of  business finance, financial management, sales and technology will help you understand the landscape of financing, sales and operational efficiency to successfully navigate your business through the growth phase..

Date and Time

Tuesday 11th June 2019

6pm – 8.45pm


Novotel Hotel, Glen Waverley

The Expert Panel

What’s Included?

  • Drink on arrival
  • 2 course dinner
  • Workbook
  • All dinners in the Knowledge Sharing Dinner Series are limited to 32 guests so that everyone has the opportunity to speak in depth with each of the panelists to discuss issues of concern to their business
  • Every guest will leave with a prioritised action plan customised for their business.
  • The opportunity for quality conversations with other quality business owners.

The details

  • All Synergy48 Group dinners are exclusively for group members and their clients.
  • The objective is to share knowledge to help one another implement best practice across all aspects of building a successful SME business.
  • The agenda for each Knowledge Sharing Dinner is broken into TWO segments:
    • A panel Q and A based around general questions on the topic.
    • A round table discussion and action planning where you will have the opportunity to ask individual panelists specific questions and build a customised action plan for YOUR business.

To make the Panel Q &A  as relevant as possible we’d love to know the NUMBER 1 question you’d like the panel to discuss (You’ll be able to ask as many additional questions as you like during the round table discussions with individual panelists)

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