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Synergy48 Group Knowledge Sharing Dinner Series:

The Panel Q&A collection

Every month members of the Synergy48 Group and their clients get together over dinner with a panel of four experts from different disciplines to discuss a key topic of interest to SME business owners.

We’ve gathered together all of the panel Q & A topics from each of the dinners here in one place. You can scan through the topics and the different perspectives to share in the discussion. 

Is poor communication costing your business? The panel Q&A

  Is poor communication costing your business? Read on for the full panel Q&A  Meet the panel   What are the elements of effective communication? Yeah, okay. So I think Mark Twain said that "I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long...

The four pillars of successful business growth: the Panel Q & A

  Meet the panel   Q & A with Lisa Wiking Growth in it’s nature means to expand, which means increasing.  One of the greatest problems business can face in the growth phase is staff turnover.  When you’re wanting to grow you need to ensure...

How Lovable is Your Business? – The Panel Q&A

  Meet the panel   Q & A with Peter Engelhardt I think we've got to distinguish between brand and business at this stage, quickly. So, when I say a brand  I mean a business that wants to grow,  as opposed to a business that's happy being where they're...

Is your marketing delivering a return on investment? Panel Q & A

  Meet the panel   The panel Q & A We hear a lot of different things about marketing strategy and tactics. Could you just give us a perspective of the difference between them as you see it as an academic and a practitioner? Thanks Stewart.  It's not just...

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