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Synergy48 Group Knowledge Sharing Dinner Series Action Plans

Every month members of the Synergy48 Group and their clients get together over dinner with a panel of four experts from different disciplines to discuss a key topic of interest to SME business owners. As part of the discussion each of the panelists provides a checklist of key action items which outline business best practice in relation to the topic under discussion. 

We’ve collected all of the action plans from the series here in one place so you can use them to identify any gaps and implement best practice in your business. 

Technology to Drive Business Growth – the Action Plan

Experts from the areas of strategic planning, technology, financial management and human resource management provide a step by step action plan for successful implementation of technology to drive business growth.Covers HOW technology can contribute to achieving...

Is poor communication costing your business – the action plan

Make sure poor communication isn't costing your businessView the full action plan below This month's action plan Best practice checklist for improving communication in your business For each item on the checklist mark it as: completed, not applicable for your...

The Four Pillars of Successful Business Growth – The Action Plan

In the Feb 2019 Synergy48 Knowledge Sharing Dinner panelists mapped out the 4 key elements necessary for future success, which can be applied whatever growth stage your business is in. Here's a summary of the action plan in less than a minute. You can read...

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