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Every month Synergy48 Group members invite a select group of 20 clients to attend a Knowledge Sharing Dinner with a panel of 4 business specialists from different professions to discuss a different business issue.

As part of the agenda each of the specialists provides attendees with a checklist outlining business best practice in relation to the issue under discussion.

All attendees have the opportunity to review the elements in the checklist directly with panel members to determine how they relate to their business. Attendees leave the dinner with a detailed action plan for achieving best practice in their business.

This month’s action plan

Best practice checklist for ensuring a positive ROI on your marketing mix

For each item on the checklist mark it as: completed, not applicable for your business, or high/medium/low priority for action.

From a strategic marketing perspective (Tina Manolitsas: Future Focus Marketing Group)
  • We have marketing strategies that deliver to our business goals
  • We know how our marketing strategies deliver to our business goals
  • We know how to and do integrate our marketing strategies into other business areas or activities
  • We have a marketing strategy for each activity or campaign.
  • We know our ROI for each marketing tactic.·
  • We know which digital tools are best suited to deliver our goals.
  • We know how much we have spent on each marketing activity and what has been our return on investment.
  • We forward plan deciding what marketing activities to rollout.
  • We leverage competitor information to strength our messages.
  • We segment our messages to each audience (database) segment.
From a Google Adwords Perspective (Tony Sambell: Spicy Web)
  • We have conversion tracking setup (both forms and phone calls)
  • We have an automated bidding on, at least enhanced CPC.
  • We have Linked Analytics and look at data holistically.
  • We run at least 3 ad variants per ad group.
  • We have at least 4 ad Extensions enabled.
  • If managed by an agency: We are the owner of the account and we check the change history regularly to ensure that they are managing our account proactively and making changes regularly.
From an integrated online sales and marketing process perspective (Ian Bosler – Intertype)
  • We have a documented end to end Marketing and Sales Process
  • We have a Marketing and Sales dashboard that measures ROI
  • We analyse each marketing campaign to measures results and ROI
  • We have a modern CRM with communication automation capabilities
  • We have mapped our customer touch points
  • All our customer touch points are “on brand”
  • We have a media style guide to help communicate our brand standards
  • We have control of our brand assets
  • We have a marketing and sale support team in place
From a media advertising perspective (Ken Mackie – Kensan Media)
  • Work out the objectives of the campaign and your target audience. By target audience determine by age, sex and interests. While they may be broad appeal across many age groups you must determine who is the most likely to respond. “don’t try to be all things to all people” narrow your focus
  • Don’t let your own personal media habits cloud your judgement you must take your customers point of view. Many clients find this impossible despite what they tell you
  • Let a media expert help you, they know the media landscape and furthermore they will be able negotiate the best deal possible.
  • Once you understand the objective, target audience/market and budget you can then start determining what media channels what might work best. There is research around that can help you with this. Again a media professional will help you with this
  • Make sure your message is on point. Considerable time needs to be time spent to determine the style and language you use in any media that is consistent with you brand positioning. Don’t do something that contradicts who you are
  • Measure. Understand your business analytics when you aren’t promoting your business like website traffic, foot traffic and sales. Compare this to the performance of these elements after you do your advertising Take into consideration outside factors like climate (weather and political) that may have had an influence on the campaign.
  • Same time last year is the best way to compare as a rule rather than month on month
  • Don’t forget to think about your competition and how active they are. Again your media professional will be able to help you.

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