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On Tuesday 11th Sept 2018 a group of 22 business owners met over dinner with an expert panel comprising a Marketing Strategy and ROI Specialist; a Print media and online marketing and sales process specialist;  a Media Advertising Specialist; and a Google Adwords Specialist, to discuss how to ensure a positive ROI on their marketing activities.

The format for the dinner included a panel Q&A followed by a round table discussion where attendees had the opportunity to review business best practice checklists and to speak in depth with each of the panelists to identify how the items in the checklists related to their specific businesses.

All attendees left the dinner with comprehensive best practice action plans designed to help strengthen their businesses in relation to ensuring a positive ROI on their marketing mix.

Meet the panel

Tina Manolitsas: Future Focus Marketing Group

Marketing Strategy and ROI Specialist

Interesting facts from Tina’s perspective

  • 69% of marketers don’t have a digital marketing strategy. Only 24% integrate digital into their marketing strategy. Source: Smart Insights
  • 67% of CEOs say ‘marketers focus too much on the creative and not enough on business science’. Source: Fournaise Group
  • 35% of Australian CEOs identified ‘mastering disruptive technology’ as their biggest challenge. Source: Pronto & CEO
  • 73% of CEOs believe ‘marketers lack business credibility’. Source: Fournaise Group
  • Most managers – leaders want results yet expect reactive marketing tactics to work. Source Tina Manolitsas
  • Most companies integrate digital marketing tactics using the same approach as they do with traditional marketing. Source Tina Manolitsas

What Tina’s clients say

Tina has been a long-time confidant. She has an amazing ability to think big, strategically and challenge the status quo. Tina is diligent, articulate and always delivers value. Working with a marketing strategist, I highly recommend. – Alex G, CEO, Finance

A savvy business develops marketing strategies that deliver to business goals. A reactive marketing approach gets you somewhere, but at what cost to your budget?  Commercialising your marketing makes your business savvy and strategic.

Tina Manolitsas

CEO, Future Focus Marketing Group

Ian Bosler: Intertype

Print media and online marketing and sales process specialist

Interesting facts from Ian’s perspective

The following statistics from Infusionsoft Infotrends and Printing Industry Association Reports  highlight the huge opportunity for businesses to invest in their Marketing and Sales Process along with improving the tactical execution of campaigns.

  • 79% of businesses see that automation is the key to improving sales force productivity  
  • 91% of businesses don’t have a defined Marketing and Sales Process
  • 96% of businesses don’t have mechanisms in place to manage ROI across the entire Marketing and Sales Process
  • 86% of businesses turning over $500k to $10mill don’t have a CRM
  • 97% of businesses don’t have an automated process to ask for testimonials or referrals
  • 100% of Australian graphic design graduates (post 2012) haven’t been taught how to design for printing and finishing processes
  • 96% of artwork files presented for printing contain brand compromising errors
  • 83% of businesses don’t have control of their brand assets
  • 78% of businesses don’t have a team of marketing and sales support professionals

What Ian’s clients say

I found Intertype to be refreshingly professional, accommodating and honest. They dealt with the pressure of deadlines with warmth, understanding and a genuine desire to help you achieve your goals. I highly recommend them…Pam Wood

The Marketing and Sales Process is the most valuable, but often “undervalued” process within any business. Without it you can’t generate revenue. No revenue means no business

Ian Bosler

CEO, Intertype

Tony Sambell: Spicy Web

Google Adwords Specialist

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Interesting facts from Tony’s perspective

A case study of Bay Fish N Trips
  • 30% Decrease in cost per conversion from Q1 2016 to Q4 2016
  • 4,300+ AdWords Clicks to the Bay Fish N Trips website in 2016
  • 616% Increase in bookings from Q1 2014 to Q1 2017

What Tony’s clients say

Working with Spicy is AMAZING ! They took the time to understand our business. They are mindful of budgets, and are big on educating our team on the process of running national campaigns. Within our 1st month Spicy doubled our bookings! And our cost to acquire bookings dropped! If your in business you need to speak to Spicy. Richard Misso – Stylesmiths

Show your product or service to those who are actively seeking to purchase it. This is a form of direct response marketing, providing a real & measurable, short term ROI.

Tony Sambell

CEO, Spicy Web

Ken Mackie: Kensan Media

Media Advertising Specialist

Interesting facts from Ken’s perspective

  • According to Nielsen the advertising expenditure across Australia exceeded $8.9b in 2017. This does not include Google or Facebook as they don’t allow independent measurement. TV remains the number 1 medium with more than $4.4b spent across metropolitan and regional Australia (again this does not include Google and Facebook)
  • All legacy media have independent measurement transparency through the Nielsen. This includes their digital businesses that have evolved out these legacy companies. Facebook and Google don’t come under the same independent scrutiny and this has been source of controversy as they have been accused of “marking their own home work”. Clients haven’t been so fussed as they continue to pour money into both of these platforms. 85% of all digital growth goes to these two companies.
  • All advertising works that is researched, executed and placed in the correct environment-that can be paraphrased as “ advertising done well”. Similarity advertising that is poorly researched, executed and placed constitutes “advertising done poorly”. It doesn’t matter what platform you use you need to do it well.

What Ken’s clients say

Kensan Media have been working with Tyremax for a number of years across multiple media channels in all markets across Australia.   They know what we want for our business and work closely with us to help achieve our longer term objectives to grow the consumer awareness of our brands. Josephine Evans Tyremax

Plan plan plan plan, get the creative right, and commit to measurement metrics not just digital metrics.

Ken Mackie

CEO, Kensan Media

Meet the host

Stewart Clark, Founder and Principal coach of SCS Performance

SCS performance is a specialist consultancy firm delivering a specially designed range of coaching programs to the small to medium business market - to drive bottom line return.

Stewart is an energetic and experienced business adviser with many years of experience coaching, advising and supporting small and medium sized businesses across Australia.

Leveraging a lengthy career in finance and corporate business, Stewart has worked "in" or "on" a range of businesses and industries Australia wide.

Possessing a people-oriented style and a keen eye for detail, Stewart is well versed in strategic planning, financial analysis, sales delivery and business improvement. Stewart is also a published author of “It’s not what you make, but what you keep” and is a regular speaker.

Unlike a traditional business coach, Stewart focuses on enhancing the mechanics of a business – its people, its process and its systems – to achieve long-term business success.

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