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Is a Synergy48 Integrated Business Improvement Solution right for my business?

It’s time to ask yourself: could this be the solution I’m looking for?

If any of these sound familiar it may be time to take action.

  • You want a clear and effective process to follow to make the next step in your business journey as effortless as possible.
  • You don’t have the time to source the people you need right now, and they have to be the right people!
  • You’re overwhelmed with the challenge of implementing and coordinating multiple improvement strategies at once.
  • You’re in fast growth mode and finding problems you didn’t know you had.
  • Your business has plateaued, sales are flat, costs are up, growth has stagnated and you’re looking for clarity on what to do about it.
  • You’re struggling to step back and let go of day to day operations to leading and managing multiple teams.
  • You’ve taken over an established business and the cracks are rapidly appearing. You need to take action fast!
  • You’re excited about the future of your business and ready to take action – but also somewhat overwhelmed and looking for a  clear pathway forward.

Who we work with

Business owners who are looking for an integrated step by step process to effectively manage all aspects of their business improvement strategy to:
  • Increase profitability
  • Increase sustainability/efficiency
  • Deal with a significant external opportunity or threat
  • Prepare for an expansion, franchising, takeover or similar
  • Develop an exit plan or prepare for sale
  • “Renovate” a business you’ve just acquired or taken over.

Most likely you’ll be turning over somewhere between $1 million and $8 million although we can work effectively with businesses well outside those limits if the circumstances are a good fit.

We have specialists with expertise across a range of industries including manufacturing, retail, health services, professional services and many more.

But it’s not just about what you want to achieve…

While what you want to achieve as a result of implementing a business improvement plan is important… how you want to achieve it and where your priorities lie are also key considerations in making the decision to work with a Synergy48 Team.

  • Are you serious about taking the next big step in your business journey?
  • Do you want to create something of enduring value?
  • Do you enjoy working with innovators and action takers who will challenge and inspire you?
  • Are you open to doing things differently, to challenging the status quo to get a better outcome?

Are we right for you?

In the end it comes down to FIVE key factors, only you can decide how important each of those factors is to you and your business…. click on the images below to decide for yourself.

Wealth of Expertise

Is having access to a single, reliable source of quality business specialists of value to you?

Working with a Synergy48 Integrated Business Improvement Team provides you with as you need it access to specialist expertise across every aspect of successful business growth.  No more scoping around looking for quality specialists, comparing multiple proposals and still wondering if you’ve made the best choice.

Will we always have the right solution for your business? 

No we won’t… however when that is the case you can be confident that we will let you know and we will work with you to help source the best solution.

Are we the cheapest?

Probably not, after all, you get what you pay for… our focus is on providing real value for money.

What you can count on

Our #1 value as Synergy48 members is Excellence: We believe every client deserves our best and we will set the standard in service delivery, through a commitment to excellence, innovation, ongoing learning and continuous improvement.



Quality Control

Of course quality is important to you. It is to us too!

We’re a team… if there is one weak link, the whole team suffers. That’s why we maintain our high standards of quality control in Synergy48 Group in multiple ways.

  • 1. Our initial membership application process ensures that only experienced, quality service providers who have been consistently endorsed by their clients over the past 12 months are able to join the Group.
  • 2. All of our members are committed to best practice in maintaining an ongoing customer feedback process, nobody is perfect, but we are all committed to ongoing continuous improvement to ensure that every client has the best possible experience and achieves the best possible outcomes.
  •  3. Everyone takes the time to get to know other members and how they work intimately to ensure that they are going to deliver the best possible outcomes for shared clients.
  • 4. We all help and support one another to be the best we can be.
  • 5. In the unusual event that we get it wrong and someone is not a good fit, we don’t hesitate to remove them from the group.

You can view the live results of our ongoing customer feedback process here

Integration & Coordination

Is having all of your business specialists and advisors work together as a coordinated team of value to your business?

It’s our brand promise: “Working as one to fill the gaps that are holding you back”

Your Synergy48 team will work together as one to ensure that each part of your business improvement plan is fully integrated with every other part so that you achieve the results you are looking for in the most cost-effective and time-efficient way possible.

It saves money overall by reducing duplication of effort, prevents costly mistakes, ensures that everything is synchronised, implemented in the most cost effective sequence,  works together and leads to better outcomes.

Synergy48 and your accountant or other specialist advisors

We know how important a quality relationship with your accountant and other existing advisors can be.  We’ll work closely with your current advisors where they are providing the level and quality of service you need.

Synergy48 compared with a typical business coach, mentor or business improvement consultant.

Working with a business coach or business improvement consultant typically provides you with generalist expertise across a range of areas; guidance, support and accountability for getting things done; and connections to experts within their circle of influence.

Working with a Synergy48 team takes that one step further.

Rather than working with one consultant, your Synergy48 Team provides you with access to a comprehensive circle of high-quality business specialists selected to meet your business goals and objectives.

You select how much you want to spend each month and your money is spent on specialist services in line with your business improvement plan.

Every Synergy48 Project Manager is an experienced business consultant with a wide range of business expertise. If you wish they can provide generalist guidance, accountability and support as a part of managing your business improvement plan.

How Synergy48 Group works

Synergy48 specialists and coordinators work together using a centralised project management system. Every Synergy48 client has their own project hub which is managed by their personal project manager

Your Project Hub contains the results of your Business Assessment and your Business Planning Process, all of your individual sub-project briefs and budgets, expected outcomes and timelines.

You, your project manager and specialists working on your project can access your project hub at any time so that you can monitor progress, ask questions, share insights and updates, provide feedback and more.

Your project hub is completely secure, so you can be confident that only you, your project manager and your project team can access it.  And of course, all Synergy48 specialists sign confidentiality agreements at the start of each project.

Long term relationships

Is having long-term quality relationships with your business specialists and advisors important to you?

If not then you’re probably not a fit, because it’s VERY important to us. 

Synergy48 specialists are all SME business owners like you. They are committed to sharing the business journey and developing long-term successful relationships with their clients.

Here are some of the things Synergy48 Specialists say about the kinds of people they want to work with:

“Going somewhere – they have plans to grow – ambitions – someone you can work with over the long term.” Tony Sambell, Google Adwords Specialist.

“They don’t want to buy a dog and then bark themselves” Peter Sandor, Brand Strategy Specialist

Driven, innovative and open to expertise” Annemarie Cross, Podcasting Specialist

“They respect and value expertise and they are prepared to pay for it.” Harvey Bowlt, business law specialist

“They are different – they have a real point of difference and they care about what they do and how they do it.”  Peter Engelhardt, Brand Strategy Specialist.

“Trust and mutual respect. And they pay their bills on time.” Ian Bosler, Printing and Marketing, Sales Process Automation Specialist

“Their values! Their product or service is not just money to them – they actually care about doing it the best, care about not ripping people off, they are a good company.” Tony Sambell, Google Adwords Specialist

“They’re open minded, they have a genuine interest in learning new things and exploring new approaches” Damien Battersby, IT specialist

People who appreciate the value of expertise.” Ken Mackie, Advertising and Media Specialist

“People who are happy to go outside their comfort zone and stretch boundaries” Ian Hopkinson, SEO Specialist

You're in the driver's seat

Of course you want to be in the driver’s seat of your business!

Your Synergy48 Team isn’t there to tell you what to do or when to do it. You set the business goals and objectives and you control the budget, timeframes and scope of your business improvement plan.

Think of us as your outsourced business improvement and business advisory board.

How do we fit into your business?

Your Synergy48 Business Improvement Team helps your business in 5 ways:

  • 1. We help you identify the gaps in your business and develop an integrated business improvement plan which will position your business to achieve your goals and objectives
  • 2. We provide expert insights into challenges and opportunities you may not have been aware of.
  • 3. We provide specialist expertise to implement those aspects of your business improvement process that you and your team either don’t have the skills for or don’t have time for.
  • 4. We project manage the business improvement process for you, working with you and your team as appropriate and keeping you fully informed of progress;  freeing up your time to work on those things that only you can do, and that you do best.
  • 5. We get to know and understand you and your business intimately so that we can provide relevant ongoing specialist business expertise, enabling you to make informed high quality decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Synergy48?

Synergy48 is a quality tested group of independent B2B business specialists who work together collaboratively using an Agency model in order to deliver integrated business improvement solutions to their clients.

Membership is by application only and members go through a rigorous selection process prior to acceptance.

Quality assurance is an ongoing process,  all members are required to meet our high standards of professional excellence and customer service on an ongoing basis to retain their membership.

What businesses are best suited to using Synergy 48?

1. Start up businesses who want to get it right first time.

2. Business owners who are looking for an integrated step by step process to effectively manage all aspects of their business improvement strategy to:

  • Increase profitability
  • Increase sustainability/efficiency
  • Deal with a significant external opportunity or threat
  • Prepare for an expansion, franchising, takeover or similar
  • Develop an exit plan or prepare for sale
  • “Renovate” a business you’ve just acquired or taken over.

Most likely you’ll be turning over somewhere between $1 million and $8 million although we can work effectively with businesses well outside those limits if the circumstances are a good fit.

We have specialists with expertise across a range of industries including manufacturing, retail, health services, professional services and many more.

How do Synergy48 members work together?
  • All client projects are managed by a central coordinator who calls on specialised expertise from around the group depending on the needs of each individual client.
  • Members work together on client projects both inside and outside the Synergy48 structure.
  • Synergy48 Group members meet regularly, acting as advisors to one another, ensuring a high level of communication, mutual understanding, professional confidence and trust.
Is Synergy48 a business networking or referral group?


Synergy48 Group is a collaborative group of B2B specialists working together using an Agency style model in order to deliver better outcomes to clients.

Membership is based on ability to contribute to client needs and on shared standards of professional excellence, customer service and integrity.

Who is legally responsible for the quality of my outcomes?

Each element of the project is quoted separately and includes key deliverables, timelines and costings.

Each member business has professional indemnity insurance and is responsible for the delivery of their component of the project.

How do you select the solutions that are best for me?

The Integrated Business Improvement Process begins with a detailed analysis of your current situation, including strengths, weaknesses and critical gaps which may be impacting on your ability to achieve your business goals.

From this our experienced business assessment consultants identify a core team of advisors to work together on your project. They then work with you to determine the key priorities to best ensure that you are able to fill the key gaps in your business and achieve the outcomes you are looking for.

How can I afford such a big group of senior people?

Rather than paying expensive retainers for advisors and specialists at Synergy48 you only pay for what you need, when you need it. You also realise the economies of scale which come from having a team working together to ensure that they understand your business goals and objectives without duplication of effort.

How do you keep jobs on track?

All of our client projects are managed through a centralised project management system which only you, your project manager and specialists working on your project have access to.

This system ensures that everyone is on the same page in relation to deadlines, outcomes and the overall status of your project.

Is there one central point of contact?

Your central point of contact is your project manager, however you also have access to all of the specialists working on your project whenever you need to.

What is the pricing model and how is work scoped?
  • Central account manager will determine your needs and facilitate all quotes
  • Project based fees quoted up front
  • No work commenced without scope of work agreed up front
Is there are a mark up on all the specialist services?

You pay a set monthly project management fee which covers coordination and integration of all aspects of the project, making sure that everything stays on track.

There is no mark-up on any of the specialist services. In fact there are often substantial cost savings because of reduction in duplication in effort and integration across the different areas of your business.

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