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Approx time to read: 1 minute and time to browse the Fair Work Ombudsman website

Key Takeaways:

Did you know that the Fair Work Ombudsman website is a goldmine of information on employment best practices? You can download templates and guides on a whole range of employee related matters:

  • Employing staff
  • Pay slips and record keeping
  • Hours of work
  • Balancing work and family
  • Managing performance and underperformance
  • Ending employment

Is the Fair Work Ombudsman website on your reading list?  No?  Not surprising really because who’d go there unless they had a problem?

But perhaps you should! Did you know that the Fair Work Ombudsman is an advocate for Best Practices? The site has a heap of really good information around employment and related matters and they even publish very helpful guides and templates.  

Here’s the link to the Templates and Guides Index Page

It’s a good idea to look there first when you are establishing yourself as an employer.  Unless of course you have great help from BAS Agents, trusted advisers and the like.

We know that Best Practice makes best business and from the Fair Work point of view, best practice means employers and employees can be happier working in fairer and more productive workplaces.

There’s even a section on Balancing Work and Family. (I was alerted to this one recently by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers who keep me informed)  I thought it was worth sharing because we at Synergy48 are very much into Best Practice across a myriad of business elements. Why not download the best practice guide to ‘Work and Family’ and begin to implement some if not all the elements into your Payroll Policy.  You do have a Payroll Policy, don’t you?

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