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Every month Synergy48 Group members invite a select group of clients to attend a Knowledge Sharing Dinner with a panel of 4 business specialists from different professions to discuss a different business issue. As part of the agenda each of the specialists provides attendees with a checklist outlining business best practice in relation to the issue under discussion. All attendees have the opportunity to review the elements in the checklist directly with panel members to determine how they relate to their business. Attendees leave the dinner with a detailed action plan for achieving best practice in their business. In this dinner the panel discussed the topic “How Lovable is Your Business”

This month’s action plan

Best practice checklist for “Creating a Lovable Business”

For each item on the checklist mark it as: completed, not applicable for your business, or high/medium/low priority for action.

From a Brand Identity perspective (Peter Engelhardt, Plan2Brand)
  • We have a clearly defined brand purpose which we discuss at regular intervals with staff and stakeholders
  • We have a clear description of our ideal buyer’s wants, needs and “must haves” which influences our positioning and marketing
  • We have a clear Brand Promise that describes what customers can expect to receive every single time they interact with us
  • As a brand committed to delivering a consistent customer experience we have three Brand Pillars that define that experience
  • We have a clearly defined Brand Personality to help attract our ideal customer
  • We use our ideal buyer’s language, and not  our industry jargon in our content and marketing
  • We make it easy for our buyers to choose our services because we have a very clear point of difference that matters to them
From a Sales perspective (Frances Pratt, Metisan)
  • We know the problems that we solve and the aspirations of our customers
  • We know why people buy from us (over our competition)
  • We know our ideal client and how to describe them to people
  • We have a documented sales process that helps people buy
  • We have the right sales and marketing tools to help understand us and of point of difference
  • We have a clear handover process from our sales to delivery teams
  • We regularly speak to our clients to understand how we are going
  • We have a client care program for existing clients
  • We have a client referral program that is active and bringing in new clients
From a marketing perspective (Tony Sambell, Spicy Web)
  • We have remarketing campaigns on Google.
  • We have remarketing campaigns on Facebook.
  • We have a system in place to ask all happy customers for a Google/Facebook Review.
  • We have a Google alert for our brand so we know if anything is happening regarding our Brand.
From a Leadership and Internal Culture perspective (Lisa Wiking, Motivational Leadership)
  • We have an inspiring vision that is documented and is referenced regularly
  • We have clearly defined job descriptions for each employee
  • Our goals are clearly defined, written down and reviewed regularly
  • Each team member has clearly defined KPIs, and their performance is reviewed regularly
  • We conduct weekly meetings, reviewing the business and team performance consistently
  • The direct manager meets with each team member individually, monthly, to offer feedback, support and development
  • We have documented and communicated what is expected to be successful in our workplace
  • We are consistent in our communication and moods, ensuring our people feel safe

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