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On Tuesday 13th November 2018 a group of business owners meet over dinner with an expert panel comprising a branding specialist, marketing specialist, sales specialist and leadership consultant to discuss the idea of lovability from a business perspective.  Why do it …. what it means if you choose to do this and what are the hard and soft benefits that can be gained by increasing how much people love being a client, employee or having an association with your business and brand. This is part 1 of a 3 part series:

  • Part 1: Meet the panel
  • Part 2: Read the panel discussion
  • Part 3: Review the best practice action plan

Meet the panel

Peter Engelhardt: Plan2Brand

Brand strategy specialist

Interesting facts from Peter’s perspective

Your brand is the major touchpoint that the public has when it comes to how they perceive your business, so it’s importance certainly isn’t to be underestimated.
• 94% of consumers say they’re likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency.
• 64% of consumers say that shared values are the main reason that they have a trusted relationship with a brand.
• 65% of people that feel an emotional connection to a brand, say it’s because “they care about people like me.”
• 45% of consumers will unfollow a brand if their activity is dominated by self-promotion.
• 50% of consumers feel like most brand communication is irrelevant.

What Peter’s clients say about him

“This guy understands consumers, the science behind what builds great brands, and can systematically help people find their purpose and bring it to the forefront of their business through the medium we call brand.”
Jack Delosa – founder ot The Entourage and BRW Young Rich List Member

Business strategy creates an offering. Brand strategy creates customers for that offering. And a marketing strategy creates demand
for that offering. The youngest of companies often move from business strategy directly to marketing strategy—from building the offering to entering that offering into the marketplace – only to find the customer is missing. The customer is everything.

Peter Engelhardt

Founder, Creative Brew and Plan2Brand

Tony Sambell: Spicy Web

Google Adwords Specialist

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Interesting facts from Tony’s perspective (A case study)

Mobile Tyre Shop has evolved from being Melbourne based, to becoming the largest mobile tyre business operating nationally, over the space of a year. Month to month growth has been 50-100% each month since the beginning with Spicy Web. Jamie Cartwright General Manager – Sales & Marketing | Mobile Tyre Shop

What Tony’s clients say about him

“A substantial part of our overall marketing budget is dedicated our digital advertising, managed by Spicy Web.  Working closely with them, I know first hand that their dedication to continuously improving and developing our campaigns has played a tremendous part in Mobile Tyre Shop’s accelerated growth.”  Jamie Cartwright, General Manager – Sales & Marketing.

The online world is where everyone and I mean everyone goes to research and make a decision on a brand, so how you are perceived online will make a huge difference to how a customer perceives your brand overall.  

Tony Sambell

Founder, Spicy Web

Frances Pratt: Metisan

Sales success architect

Interesting facts from Fran’s perspective

  • Sales is the lifeblood of your business helping your business grow and stay relevant in an ever changing market.
  • Customer Experience studies have shown that if you give great customer experience (from sales through to delivery) you have an 87% chance of that customer repurchasing and a 77% chance that they will recommend your business to someone else.
  • With low unemployment the competition for talent is high.  Studies show that 46% of new hires fail, and that in my experience in sales this number is often closer to 62% and higher if it’s your first sales person.  These studies also go onto show that in 87% of the cases, the problem is based on attitude.

What Fran’s clients say about her

“The process of working with Frances helped me to think differently about my business, from a sales person’s perspective.  She was there to test my thinking and stretch my ideas. This built a framework for finding and employing a sales person that I was comfortable to use and knew how to make it work for me, my business and for my new sales people.” Darlene Nue – RAMS Franchisee

Sales and selling isn’t magic.  It happens when real people connect with real customers and can clearly demonstrate how you can fix their problem and meet their needs.  Deeply understanding your customers, their problems and their journey is essential in getting to the heart of why they buy from you and is the key to actively growing your business

Frances Pratt

Founder, Metisan

Lisa Wiking: Motivational Leadership

Leadership and Culture Specialist

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Interesting facts from Lisa’s perspective

  • Global Studies reveal that 79% of people who quit their jobs cite ‘lack of appreciation’ as their reason for leaving..  
  • 35% of Australian workers feel that poor leadership is the most stressful part of their job.
  • 72% of employees are searching for purpose and meaning through their work.
  • 29% say my boss lacks clear vision and direction
  • 23% would prefer to have a new boss over a raise
  • Prioritising culture over performance is what enables you to arrest these statistics and develop a loveable business with an engaged culture.  This along with a transparent Vision(Why) produces high levels of involvement, consistency, adaptability improving sales and customer satisfaction.A recent study found that organisations that possess an engaged culture experience;
    • 26% less employee turnover
    • 20% less absenteeism
    • 15% greater employee productivity
    • 30% greater customer satisfaction levels.
    • 65% greater share-price increase


What Lisa’s clients say about her

Lisa’s ability to prioritise my ‘to do’ list, to find more efficient ways of working and keeping my team happy means I can continue to enjoy my growing success. Thanks Lisa!   Sarah MacDonald  Director, Canine Comprehension

People don’t leave companies. They leave bosses.  Offer a strong understanding of “why the business exists” and a safe environment where people feel appreciated and valued, to retain the best staff.

Lisa Wiking

Founder, Motivational Leadership

Meet the host

Stewart Clark, Founder and Principal coach of SCS Performance

SCS performance is a specialist consultancy firm delivering a specially designed range of coaching programs to the small to medium business market - to drive bottom line return.

Stewart is an energetic and experienced business adviser with many years of experience coaching, advising and supporting small and medium sized businesses across Australia.

Leveraging a lengthy career in finance and corporate business, Stewart has worked "in" or "on" a range of businesses and industries Australia wide.

Possessing a people-oriented style and a keen eye for detail, Stewart is well versed in strategic planning, financial analysis, sales delivery and business improvement. Stewart is also a published author of “It’s not what you make, but what you keep” and is a regular speaker.

Unlike a traditional business coach, Stewart focuses on enhancing the mechanics of a business – its people, its process and its systems – to achieve long-term business success.

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