Best ways to contact Synergy48 Group HQ

Best ways to contact Synergy48 Group HQ

  • Ping Brenda Thomson on Basecamp - this is best for quick information sharing and simple questions or if you need to change an S48 Group meeting booking.
  • Phone Brenda on 0428 210 447 - this is best if you want to discuss any aspect of your membership or if you have a problem or concern.
  • Need a longer chat with Brenda or don't want to play telephone tag?   Here's the link to Calendly  so you can book a suitable time to talk

Follow the instructions below to complete all of the stages in setting up and implementing your Jago customer feedback system. If you have any questions or difficulties with any part of the process call, ping or email Synergy48 for assistance. We’re happy to help.

  Step 1: Testing your system 

Go to and click on the Log In link it the top right corner.  Log in using the details provided in your getting started email.

    1. Click on the INVITE link in the top left corner (See image below)
    2. Add your name and email address
    3. Select +ADD RECIPIENT

    4. Select send TEST invite. (Test invite responses will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.)

    5. Repeat
      Repeat Steps 2, 3 and 4 above for a 2nd and 3rd time to send a total of THREE test invites. NOTE:  When you add your name and email address for the 2nd and 3rd time you will see a “Survey recipient automatically excluded. Do you want to continue?” message. Select YES and continue.
    6. Reviewing your system
      • Review the email messages you receive to make sure they are as you intended
      • Respond to your first email with a 9 or 10 rating (Promoter)
      • Respond to your second email with a 7 or 8 rating (Passive)
      • Respond to your third email with any rating between 1 and 6 (Detractor)
      • Check the email responses you receive from each rating to ensure that they are as you intended. (NOTE: expect a delay of around 1 hour between submitting your response and receiving the email reply)


Email Brenda Thomson or PING her in  Basecamp if you find there is anything that needs changing and we will arrange to have it fixed as quickly as possible. 

Once you are happy with the content of all of your system emails you can proceed to STEP 2 Below.

Step 2: Sending your initial feedback requests.

1. Email or phone your clients from the past 12 months to let them know to expect your customer feedback request

See suggested email template below. (If you only have a small number of clients you may prefer to phone them to ensure the highest possible response rate).

Suggested Email Template

You should adjust the wording of this template to reflect your business culture and personality and make sure to replace [businessname] with your business name.

Dear {firstname}

I have recently applied to become a member of Synergy48 Group, a collective of best practice business advisors and specialists. As part of the membership process all Synergy48 members survey their clients on a regular basis to ensure that we are maintaining the highest possible standards of customer service.

You will shortly receive a system email from [businessname] titled

“Help [businessname] by answering a few quick questions.” 

It will only take a minute to complete the survey. It’s true, we timed it. No long or detailed questions. Just your quick assessment of how you’ve found our services.

I really appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback and would like to thank you for being a valued client.

Kind regards

Your name

2. Follow the instructions below to upload your client list to your Get Jago system
  1. Create a CSV file of all of your clients from the past 12 months including First Name, Last Name and Email address.
  2. Login to Jago
  3. Select INVITE from the top left corner
  4. Select UPLOAD CSV FILE  from the top right corner
  5. You will be prompted to upload your client list
    1. Download the CSV template
    2. Copy your client list to the template as shown below
      1. FirstName
      2. LastName
      3. Email Address (SendTo)
      4. Do NOT add anything to columns D, E or F
      5. Do NOT delete the header row (Row 1)
      6. Save the file and upload it to Jago

If you have completed the upload successfully your client list will appear in the RECIPIENTS Box as shown below


Once you have sent out the survey you will receive notifications of responses to the email address you have set in your Jago system.

4. Following up outstanding responses

You can see a complete list of all requests you have sent, whether or not they have responded, their rating and what they said by clicking on the SENT menu item on the left.  (See image below)

You are aiming for a response rate of at least 80% or 10 respondents, whichever is the greater.  The Jago system will send an automatic reminder after 2 days to anyone who has not responded.

5. Re-sending outstanding invitations

If you have not received sufficient responses after 1 week you should resend invitations using the invitation link and a personalised email directly to each person you are following up with including the survey link.  (See instructions below for where to find the link).

 If you are only following up with a small number of clients it is STRONGLY recommended that you phone them first to ask for their feedback and to let them know to expect the link. 

If you are unable to collect at least 10 responses within the provisional membership period you may be given the option of extending your provisional membership.

Where to find the survey link

  1. Select Settings
  2. Company details
  3. Survey Link

Step 3: Your ongoing Customer Feedback System

You will be invited to discuss this with your Synergy48 Group mentor towards the end of your provisional membership period. 

  1. Decide how frequently or on what basis you are going to ask your clients for feedback. Eg.  Are you going to send them on a cyclical basis (monthly/quarterly/6 monthly) or are you going to send them at set stages in the customer journey
  2. Decide how you are going to systematise your requests. E.g. are you going to send them through your CRM, with invoices, as part of a ticketing system etc.
  3. Decide on your follow-up strategy. What are you going to do with each kind of response? (Detractors, Passives, Promoters)
  4. Set up your feedback and follow up systems so that they are as automated as possible. If you need any assistance with this we’ll be happy to help as part of your Welcome on Board process towards the end of your provisional membership period.
  5. Implement, monitor and review your system to ensure that it is working effectively.


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