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Marketing covers your marketing planning processes and all of the marketing activities (strategies and tactics) you need to implement throughout the year to ensure you meet your business objectives.

Unfortunately many businesses, regardless of size, start and end with marketing strategies and tactics… a steady stream of collateral you create (website, brochures, business cards) and things you do (SEO, adwords, social media marketing, networking) with little or no understanding of branding, target market or environment and little or no measurement or review.

What are the benchmarks of best practice marketing?

We have a 12 month marketing plan and budget which outlines all of our proposed marketing activities and estimated marketing spend for the year and is directly linked to our business goals. Review the checklist to see how your business measures up

We know the cost of customer acquisition and the ROI (Return on investment) across each of our different marketing strategies. We use this information to inform future marketing plans and budgets. Review the checklist to see how your business measures up

All of our marketing activities are regularly reviewed against our business objectives and we consistently seek out and employ best practice to ensure that we are achieving the best possible ROI on our marketing spend.  To find out how your current marketing activities measure up against best practice contact the relevant best practice Synergy48 specialist for an obligation free review.

We have a clearly defined, recognisable brand identity across all relevant media which resonates strongly with our ideal clients. It is reviewed annually and all new marketing & communication material is congruent and consistent. Review the checklist to see how your business measures up

We have clearly defined our target market and buyer persona which provides a roadmap for all of our innovation, branding, marketing and customer relationship activities. Review the checklist to see how your business measures up

We have a clearly defined differentiated market position that sets our business apart from our competitors and this is clearly reflected in all our branding and communication material. Review the checklist to see how your business measures up

Next Steps

Rate your business against all of the elements of a best practice business

Find  Synergy48 best practice marketing specialists to help you implement best practice business marketing in your business

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