We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works. - Douglas Adams (Author)

Best Practice Technology for business in the Blog

A 6 point checklist to future proof your business

Assess your business todayThe Paradox of Data: In an era of increasing data collection and automation we are now in a position to deliver increasingly highly personalised experiences for our clients. Analysing the data and setting up relevant automation allows us to...

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Technology to Drive Business Growth – the Q&A

Four small business advisors specialising in strategic planning, technology implementation, financial management and human resources discuss the WHY, WHEN, WHAT and HOW of using technology to support business growth Meet the panel   The Panel Q & A  What are...

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Technology is essential to business success

Approx time to read:  Less than 4 minutes Key Take Aways: Discusses findings from the Small Business Digital Taskforce. Technology fuels business, and trying to save money by holding onto old technology and systems will actually cost you money. There are...

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What the NBN means for your business phones

Approx time to read: 3 minutes Key Take Aways: If you’re not using VoIP already, the switch will be inevitable once the NBN arrives because both your internet and phone line will be disconnected as part of the NBN rollout. Once NBN becomes available in your area, you...

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