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Photo of people sitting in a row as if waiting for a job interview representing a step in the recruitment processWhat are best practice recruitment practices and why are they important?

Ensuring your business has a well crafted and thorough recruitment process is essential to attract the most suitable applicants whilst complying with legislative obligations. Being able to suitably compare candidates against the same criteria allows for effective and fair decision making.

To do this your Management team need to be well versed and competent to run an effective recruitment process from attracting to selecting and then appointing the right person into the right job at the right time. Utilising several different assessments, from interviewing, reference checking and possible psychometric testing potential candidates ensures you have the suitable information to make such an important decision.

So have decided on the right person to join your team, what happens next…

Employees must be provided with specific documentation upon commencement of employment, such as Fair Work Information Statement, Bank Details Form, Personal Details Form, Employment Policies and Job Description.  While appearing to be a minor task, failure to provide a Fair Work Information Statement is a breach of the Act and liable for potential financial penalties.

A meaningful Induction Program will provide your new hire with the tools and knowledge (both about their role and the broader business) they need to be operationally effective in their position as quickly as possible.

Conducting regular probation period reviews are beneficial to ensure new employees’ performance and behaviour fit with your expectations and company culture at an early stage and avoid any future performance management issues.

How does your business measure up?

Here’s a checklist to help you determine the effectiveness of your recruitment practices

  • We conduct competency based interviews
  • Our Hiring Managers are skilled and competent to be able to assess and select the right person for the right role
  • We follow equal opportunity guidelines when interviewing
  • We conduct reference checks for all new hires
  • All new hires are provided with a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement
  • We have a thorough and detailed induction program in place for new hires from day 1 through to the end of their probation periods
  • We touch base regularly with new hires during their probation periods to give – and seek – feedback
Assess your business against other best practice human resource management benchmarks

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