“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov

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How Lovable is Your Business? – The Panel Q&A

  Meet the panel   Q & A with Peter Engelhardt I think we've got to distinguish between brand and business at this stage, quickly. So, when I say a brand  I mean a business that wants to grow,  as opposed to a business that's happy being where they're...

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How Lovable is Your Business: The Action Plan

Every month Synergy48 Group members invite a select group of clients to attend a Knowledge Sharing Dinner with a panel of 4 business specialists from different professions to discuss a different business issue. As part of the agenda each of the specialists...

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Spicy Web heads to Silicon Valley

Approx time to read:  Less than 3 minutes Key Take Aways: Spicy Web founder Tony Sambell our S48 Google Ads specialist travelled to California recently to attend the Google Marketing Live Conference. Although most of the conference was covered by a non...

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How lovable is your business? Meet the panel

  On Tuesday 13th November 2018 a group of business owners meet over dinner with an expert panel comprising a branding specialist, marketing specialist, sales specialist and leadership consultant to discuss the idea of lovability from a business perspective.  Why...

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Want to reduce your printing expenses?

Approx time to read: Less than 3 minutes Key Take Aways: A three step process to reduce the cost and maximise the effectiveness of your printed marketing material Pick the right finishes and the right size to maximise effectiveness and reduce distribution...

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Hone Your Sales Proof

Approx time to read:  3 min Key Take Aways: Adds 3 more steps to the traditional 4 Ps of marketing People are often a key part of how customers experience your business. Make them a feature of your marketing and sales process. In the customer experience...

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Farewell AdWords, Hello Google Ads.

Approx time to read: 3 minutes Key Take Aways: Google has decided it was time to say goodbye to AdWords and welcome Google Ads, but did anyone actually notice? And what does it mean for you? Google Ads will become the new brand representing the full range...

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Is Offline Marketing Dead?

Approx time to read:  3 minutes Key Take Aways: While online marketing is an essential component of any business marketing mix offline marketing is still very influential Distinguishes between offline and online marketing strategies Discusses importance of...

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