If you don't know your numbers, you're going out of business. I don't care how good your product is. Tilman J. Fertitta (Landrys, NBA, Houston Rockets)

Best Practice Financial Management in the Blog

Single Touch Payroll – Not So Scary

Approx time to read: Less than 4 minutes Key Take Aways: Discusses the implementation of Single Touch Payroll (STP) through the eyes of a bookkeeper Valuable information for employers with less than 20 staff who are yet to implement STP due in July 2019 If you have 20...

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Best practice financial management

Financial management covers the systems and processes that an organisation uses to oversee and manage its income, expenses, and assets with the objectives of maximising profits and ensuring sustainability. Unfortunately many SME business owners neither...

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Reducing Sales for Profit Growth

Deep down, behind just about every business is a simple desire…to make money. Profit, cash, bottom line - whatever you call it, is what the clear majority of business owners are seeking - yet the bulk of their focus is on sales or revenue growth. Now don’t...

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Benchmarking Best Practice Debtor Management

This post is one in a series designed to help SME businesses benchmark their business and create a best practice business improvement plan across all of their business processes.  You can find the links to the full series here.   Why is it important to ensure that you...

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