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This post is one in a series designed to help SME businesses benchmark their business and create a best practice business improvement plan across all of their business processes.  You can find the links to the full series here.  

Young woman with binoculars riding arrow symbolising rocket towards the futureWhat is a business vision and why do we need one?

Your vision, quite simply, is a picture of what success will be at a particular time in the future. It’s about what you want to become, and along with your purpose, it is the overarching driver for your business.

Running a business is a big job, and the biggest challenge is to succeed. So what can you do to move forward, create positive change, reinvigorate yourself and your staff, and where should you start? If you define your future, you will be able to see the path more clearly. That’s why it is important to have a clear business vision.


How does your business measure up?

We have a clear vision for our business which is congruent with our purpose and core values. It is clearly articulated and resonates with our people and ideal clients and guides our strategic planning and all our business activities

Here’s a checklist to help you determine how your business vision measures up.

  • Our vision reflects our purpose and core values and our brand promise.
  • Our vision resonates with our stakeholders, people and ideal clients.  How do you know? Have you asked them?
  • Our vision is challenging but attainable allowing our people to believe in it and be inspired by it.
  • Our vision statement is written down and forms a part of our strategic plan – it provides direction to our strategic planning process and informs our business decision making.
  • Our vision is displayed where our people can see it on a daily basis.
  • Our vision is displayed where our clients can see it and engage with it.
  • We regularly report on our progress towards our vision to our people, ideal clients and other stakeholders.
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