Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room. - Jeff Bezos, Amazon

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How Lovable is Your Business? – The Panel Q&A

  Meet the panel   Q & A with Peter Engelhardt I think we've got to distinguish between brand and business at this stage, quickly. So, when I say a brand  I mean a business that wants to grow,  as opposed to a business that's happy being where they're...

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How Lovable is Your Business: The Action Plan

Every month Synergy48 Group members invite a select group of clients to attend a Knowledge Sharing Dinner with a panel of 4 business specialists from different professions to discuss a different business issue. As part of the agenda each of the specialists...

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Why your brand message is so important

Approx time to read:  2min 30 sec Key Take Aways: Consumers expect that as a brand you stand for something noble and forthright We have about 3 seconds to get our message across. If your message is not succinct to the point of incredible clarity and...

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Best practice business branding

 A strong brand is not a luxury to be enjoyed only by companies like Nike or Coca-Cola. It is a key factor in the success and prosperity of every business regardless of their size. Your brand health is guaranteed to have a significant impact on the...

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