Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room. - Jeff Bezos, Amazon

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How Lovable is Your Business? – The Panel Q&A

  Meet the panel   Q & A with Peter Engelhardt I think we've got to distinguish between brand and business at this stage, quickly. So, when I say a brand  I mean a business that wants to grow,  as opposed to a business that's happy being where they're...

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How Lovable is Your Business: The Action Plan

Every month Synergy48 Group members invite a select group of clients to attend a Knowledge Sharing Dinner with a panel of 4 business specialists from different professions to discuss a different business issue. As part of the agenda each of the specialists...

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Why your brand message is so important

Approx time to read:  2min 30 sec Key Take Aways: Consumers expect that as a brand you stand for something noble and forthright We have about 3 seconds to get our message across. If your message is not succinct to the point of incredible clarity and...

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Best practice business branding

 A strong brand is not a luxury to be enjoyed only by companies like Nike or Coca-Cola. It is a key factor in the success and prosperity of every business regardless of their size. Your brand health is guaranteed to have a significant impact on the...

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Why are some brands just so damn successful?

So many businesses think they have to hire branding consultants and spend oodles of money to grow their brand. That can work, sometimes. But more often than not, the positioning and branding statements they paid so dearly for just don’t feel right after a...

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