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Working together to make SMEs more profitable and sustainable through improved business practices and integrated business improvement solutions

Message from the Founder

Welcome to Synergy48 Group

Synergy48 Group started out in 2011 as the SMART-Connect Alliance, a business networking group with a difference. We wanted to connect high quality B2B business owners, so together they could add more value to their clients while growing their own businesses.

Back then the things that made us different from other networking groups were:

  • Our emphasis on quality control – offering memberships to high quality, experienced B2B business owners only.
  • No expectation of referrals – any referral had to be, and still must be, in the best interests of the client.
  • Our focus on collaboration; creating strategic alliances and partnerships to make it easier for members to add value to one another’s clients and prospects.

Over time we have evolved, as every healthy business does, to become the Synergy48 Group you see today.

No longer a business networking group, we have become a collaborative agency of independent quality tested business specialists, who work together strategically to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Every Synergy48 Group business specialist or advisor has an outstanding brand reputation for quality services, customer service and integrity.

We are all 100% committed to our shared values of professional excellence, integrated customer-centric service, truth and fairness.

We aim to add value to our clients in several ways:
  • Working with Synergy48 specialists and advisors provides you with as you need it access to specialist expertise across every aspect of successful business growth. No more scoping around looking for quality specialists, comparing multiple proposals and still wondering if you’ve made the best choice.
  • Our integrated business improvement solutions save you time and money overall by reducing duplication of effort, prevents costly mistakes, ensures that everything is synchronised, implemented in the most cost effective sequence, works together and leads to better outcomes.
  • Your Synergy48 Team isn’t there to tell you what to do or when to do it. You set the business goals and objectives and you control the budget, timeframes and scope of your business improvement plan. Think of us as your outsourced business improvement and business advisory board.
  • Quality control: Our initial membership application process ensures that only experienced, quality service providers who have been consistently endorsed by their clients over the past 12 months are able to join the Group. All members are then expected to continue to survey their clients on a best practice basis.
  • Long term relationships: Synergy48 specialists are all SME business owners like you. We are committed to sharing the business journey and developing long-term successful relationships with our clients.

I encourage you to look around the website, meet our specialists, talk to us about whether an integrated business improvement solution could help you achieve your business goals, explore our resource library and check out our forthcoming Knowledge Sharing dinners.

If what you see makes sense for you and your business, get in touch so we can see if there are ways we can work with you to add real value to your business.

I look forward to getting to know you.

Brenda Thomson Synergy48 Group Founder and CEO

Yours in Synergy

Brenda Thomson

Synergy48 Founder and CEO

PS Wondering where the name came from?

Synergy is because by working together we realise the power of synergy 1+1 really does = 3 (or more).

48 is the optimum number of people we aim to have in our network

And we also discovered that it’s  the Chinese number for prosperity which was a lovely surprise

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  • 50% of profits from subscriptions to the BIPlan system during 2020 will be donated to help small businesses who have been impacted by the 2019/20 bushfires.

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